Must See – Funny Spoof on Death of Ad Agencies

Thanks to FITC for this clever but eerily relevant sci-fi scenario of the death of the last ad agency on earth. The thing is – they pretty much hit the nail on the head. Many “creative firms” are scared to actually get creative any more. And that, my friends, may be the death of them.

Why? Because consumers’ media habits and access to that media are changing rapidly. We’re not the same captive audience that we used to be. If you’re familiar with the acronyms TiVo and DVR, or you’ve ever been exposed to a YouTube video, then my point has been made.

Effective marketing today has got to be about not doing the same old stuff. It’s got to be about STANDING OUT. We’ve been saying it for a long, long time. Still not convinced? Watch this video! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you.

Your State is Ranked #1 in What?

Sure we’ve seen statistics about cities with the most crime, least rainfall, even the most obese citizens, thats nothing new.  The graphic I found this morning shows that each state in the US is #1 in some category.  Whether it is Cheese production, intelligence, or toothlessness, this map has it all.  And yes toothlessness is a word.

Below are some of my favorites: Continue reading

The Latest Nike Kicks: Premium Print Pack

From flying cars and living on Mars, many predictions about the future have been way off.  People have been questioning the future of print for several years now.  While there are statistics showing online usage increasing in the last ten years, print has yet to crumble as many suggested.  In fact, Nike may have found a new trend for the future of print, at least for the time being.

A new design by the Nike team takes Continue reading

2010 List of Growing Companies

In 2010 many local organizations chose MOS Creative to help them increase their marketability. These companies are positioned for major growth in 2011.

Here are a few of the companies that are greeting 2011 with a plan for growth:

1. Torri’s Legal Services

Micro site
Email Campaign

2. WHFL Law


3. The Go-Kart Track

TV and Online Commercial

4. Centech

Digital Presentation
Updated Logo

5. ESI

Marketing Materials
Custom Signage
Trademark Development

6. MD Pet Gazette

Online Magazine

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Awesomely Bad Commercial #3: Martin Fine Furniture

This Friday means it’s time for another post for an awesomely bad commercial!  Today’s gem comes from the wonderful state Indiana.  Martin Fine Furniture has been in business for over 150 years, four generations for this family owned business.  How long have they been pirates, we’ll that’s something I can’t answer.  Yes, I said Pirates, as you can see in their commercial below; they decided to go with a pirate theme.

With eye patches, a fake parrot, and plastic swords, Martin Fine Furniture has to be the first pirate themed furniture commercial.  I think my favorite part is the wooden plank placed on top of cinder blocks.  The sword fighting scenes are also quite captivating.  With Indiana being almost 1000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean I don’t really see where the pirate theme fits, but check it out.

2010 Brands with the Loudest Buzz

As the year is wrapping up in the next few weeks we are seeing lots of “Best of 2010” lists for various topics.  One list that caught our eye on Ad Age was all about brands and the online buzz they created in 2010.

Zeta Interactive, a marketing agency out of New York City, released the list after mining through over 200 million posts, blogs, message boards, video sites, and mentions on social media sites. Talk about a lot of mining.

Their rankings not only look into how often Continue reading

Google Instant: Biased or Unbiased?

Now that Google Instant has been out for a good portion of the year and people are getting accustomed to the way it works, some are raising questions.  When you begin to type something, Google Instant predicts what word or phrase you are trying to spell out.  What some people are wondering is how can they predict this and do their predictions have any brand bias?

Many have noticed that when you type away into Google, many of the predictions they provide are major brands Continue reading

Awesomely Bad Commercial #2: Stinky Septic

Going back to a post we did a few weeks ago, we’ve got another Awesomely Bad Commercial for you.  No squirrels in this one, now we’ve got a cartoon skunk, and he’s dressed like Mario.  Stinky Septic also put together a little tune to tell you all about their services.  I guess Mario was a plumber, so that does make a little bit of sense…but a skunk Mario? To me the cartoon animal appeals more towards kids, and I highly doubt kids are the ones making the call.  You’ve got to see this one for yourself.

What are your thoughts and do you have any suggestions of awesomely bad commercials we can feature in the blog?

If you didn’t see the first post with the commercial for Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP you can check it out here.

Four things you need to know about your prospects

four things marketers need to know about their prospectsDo you have high hopes for your marketing campaign? Of course you do, why would you put time, money and loads of effort into a plan that you expected to fail? With great idealism you look forward to the moment when the leads start rushing in. The problem is, they don’t. So what went wrong?

Most marketing pieces make one classic mistake – they don’t address the consumer’s problems. If you don’t present them with their problem, do prospective clients have an incentive to respond? Before you plan your next email campaign, direct mail piece or online campaign, consider the following…

Four things you need to know about your prospects:

  1. They are skeptical. Chances are they’ve had bad experiences and been burned by others making promises in the past. You have to earn their trust.
  2. They want professional guidance. If they knew how to do it they wouldn’t be searching for answers in the first place, d’uhh! Offer a little bit of knowledge and detailed instructions on how to take the next steps. Continue reading