Why I Actually Loved My Summer Internship

Last week, I asked Tony, our animator, if I could “get him coffee or anything” because he looked tired. When he refused, I stood on my chair and yelled:

“Hello? I’m the intern here! I haven’t done any intern-ly tasks all Summer. Where are the papers I should be filing? Why don’t I know your coffee preferences by now!?”

Ok, so I didn’t really stand on my chair, but did I realize that I’ve been interning here for 3 months now, and never had that “internship experience” that my friends complained about. I was immediately treated like a team member, never called an intern, and honestly, I forgot that I wasn’t on staff. I jumped right into projects that went directly to clients, and was never given busy work. Continue reading

Starbucks and Square Partnership

America's largest coffee chain plans to invest $25 million into the mobile payment platform

Starbuck’s Corp. announced today that they will be using Square, Inc.’s technology as a payment method in 7,000 locations. The Starbuck’s partnership marks a groundbreaking moment as it becomes the first national chain to support the payment app and also brings with it a prediction of accelerated growth for Square (Market Day). Continue reading