Meet Dorothy: Baltimore’s #1 Graphic Designer

Dorothy P.

Our Graphic Designer wiz-kid

Over 2 years ago, Dorothy took the skills she picked up at MICA and found the Craigslist ad that would launch her design career at MOS.

First thing she does in the AM: Goes back to sleep – we all enjoy the late morning call time at our office!

Favorite food: Steak, just like the rest of the team, cooked medium of course. A little blood never hurt anyone.

Guiltiest pleasure: Harry Potter. And she’s got the wand to prove it – try and stump her HP IQ only if you dare!

How she D.W.I.L s: Designing as if she were the client gets her creative juices a flowin!

What she loves about MOS: The good environment – do we really need to go over this again?

Celeberity crush: It might surprise you, but she’s waiting for her date with Johnny Depp.

Her life’s motto: “Treat others the way you would want to be treated” – girl’s got a good soul.

2 Lessons to Learn from BGE’s Customer Service Slip-Up

I’m here to admit it, after this week, our office has officially seen better days. No, Irene didn’t get in the way of our team pumping out top notch projects faster than you can say “downpour”. Our beauty routines on the other hand took a major hit and we’re blaming Baltimore Gas and Electric company for the invasion of the fuglies.

Review these lessons so your company can avoid a bad rap:

1. Delegate
2. Designate

This morning, as of 9:30am, The Baltimore Sun reported that over 285,825 Maryland  residents were still without power. It was what we all had expected, what we had prepared for. What I didn’t expect was for their customer service to be as lackluster as the storm itself.

In my social media conscious world, economy 2.0 means nothing without customer service. Although BGE is a large corporation, whose customer base hovers around the millions, I still argue that they are in dire need of a little Thank You Economy crash course.

Countless radio hosts, news flashes, even my friends on Facebook  (yes, that’s what I did with the little cell power I had left) were encouraging everyone effected by the power outages to call in and notify BGE to give them a better idea of the work ahead. Normally, I would leave that kind of incessant time wasting to people who enjoy those things (namely grandmothers and cheap uncles). In fear that my particular area of the development would be disregarded, I decided to phone in. When that  started to take longer than 2 minutes, I gave up and sent a friendly email instead.

To my dismay, this was their reply:

Why get my panties is a bunch you ask? They responded didn’t they? Isn’t that all you can hope for these days?

If that’s how you perceive today’s world of tech savvy super giants, you better listen up! If you send an email, you should demand a personally tailored response. End. Of. Story. I don’t care if I email Barack Obama. If I get a response back, I want it to prove that whomever is sitting in the White House sorting through piles of American citizens’ protesting rants, heard my voice and took what I said into consideration – instead of just shoving it in the archive section of  his Gmail.


Your company, no matter how big or small it may be, needs to delegate the proper amount of people and time for the sole purpose of doing everything in their power to create a happier, more satisfied customer.

Hearing people defend BGE’s lack of customer care because of their huge customer base, is not something I’m willing to listen to. If you’re business involves people in any way shape or form, your livelyhood relies on your ability to take care of their needs, no matter how demanding they may seem.


Now is the perfect time to designate distinct solutions to any potential people related problems your company may face in the future. Create mock-senarios, act out acceptable responses, whatever it takes for your company to build a breed of customers that will go the extra mile to write on your Facebook wall, Tweet about your amazing company, make it happen.

As the old saying goes – If someone has a bad experience with your business, they’re going to warn as many of their friends as humanly possible about you (which nowadays is quite alot). If they have a spectacular experience – they’ll most likely do the same – anywhere in between and you may as well not even try.

Written by Annie Yaker

Marketing Specialist


p: 410.878.7482

t: @annieyaker

Technology Wins – Top 10 Back-to-School Ads

1. Microsoft: PC or Mini Fridge?

As a kid, the end of August was always full of anticipation and excitement – back to school time! I would actually look forward to school shopping – picking out fresh new binders and coordinating folders, setting up each binder with the necessary section dividers for each class. OK, I was a really odd, really organized little kid.

All grown up, and the end of summer is still exciting. It brings back all those familiar feelings of being granted a new opportunity and a fresh start – the world is your oyster.

Back to school is also one of the most important times of the year for brands and retailers. It’s the second-biggest selling season next to the winter holidays! Apparel, shoes, school supplies, technology -with $69 billion in sales to fight over, you better step up your marketing game.

But in an underwhelming ad season, most of the brands in the must-buys (clothing, supplies, etc.) showed up to the game with lack luster enthusiasm. It was by and far left to the technology categories to push the creativity this year – brands including Microsoft, Dell and Best Buy.

“Retailers go into announcement mode, and for the most part those don’t resonate well. Retailers aren’t developing [apparel] creative stories particularly well, and they’re missing out on an opportunity,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “What really resonated well this year tended to be tech-oriented. Those ads either had an interesting product or an interesting new message.

Thanks to Ad Age for printing Ace Metrix’s list of top back-to-school ads. Creative effectiveness of ads is ranked by viewer reaction to national TV ads. Here’s the top 5 back-to-school ads…

1. See Microsoft above!

2. JC Penney: Turn your small change into Pennies from Heaven

Continue reading

What to do this Weekend in Maryland: Swimming, Swinging & Snuggling

It’s been a crazy week on the east coast, between the earth quake, the rain, the anticipation of hurricane Irene headed our way, and the nail biting Ravens game last night. Whew! It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend!


DO: Hold your breath, plug your nose, and grab your goggles for this IMAX watery wonder: Wild Ocean 3D, showing at the Maryland Science Center this summer. This award-winning, action-packed 3D adventure illustrates the interplay and epic struggle for survival between man and the endangered ocean ecosystem. Find out more at Maryland Science Center.

SEE: This is NOT the elephant and clown filled circus you went to when you were a kid. Cirque du Soleil stretches your imagination again with its show Quidam. The story revolves around a lonely girl named Zoé, ignored by her parents and finding herself in another world where a host of characters from a human bull’s eye to a man with skeletal wings try to help rid her of boredom. *BONUS the Cirque troupe is conveniently performing at 1st Mariner Arena this time! Find out more at Cirque Du Soleil.

EAT: Get excited for all things fried and on a stick! That’s right, it’s time once again for the one and only Maryland State Fair! This is opening weekend for the annual fair, which run through Sept. 5, and the food and festivities are quickly coming into full swing. Foodies will surely appreciate the Craft Beers that are to be served for the first time this year. Options include Raven Beer, Heavy Seas Brewery, DuClaw Brewing, Dog Brewing from Westminster, Brewers Alley and Flying Dog Brewery, all to be served at one big booth belonging to the Brewers Association of Maryland. Find out more at Maryland State Fair.


DO: Stay inside and enjoy the dry!! Although the reports of just how directly Hurricane Irene is coming towards us are still changing by the hour, why not just play it safe and take this day of rest to just bum it. You don’t get many opportunities to not do anything at all, so for Pete’s sake, let’s be lazy when we can!

SEE: What a perfect chance to snuggle up with your cutie pie under your favorite blanket holding a warm bowl of popcorn and get pop in a movie. Doesn’t matter whether it’s On Demand, Red Box to the rescue, or P.S. I Love You is playing on TBS for the 87th time. It’s all about WHO you’re spending your Sunday with!

EAT: What is the absolute best thing you can think of to indulge in on an icky, rainy, Sunday afternoon? Think something warm out of the over and smelling of heavenly delights. I’m thinking those Hershey’s Best Brownies I told you about yesterday! Hey, it’s another rainy day, you can make brownies two times in one week. I won’t tell.

Mmmmmm. Chocolate.

Meet Serge! He’s Baltimore’s top Web Developer

Serhiy Z.

Hardworking Web developer

One Craigslist ad later, and he’s been here for 2.5 years!

Office Nickname: “Serge” – like those nifty serge protectors for your computer… get it??

First thinkg he does every morning: Caffeine. Don’t talk to him until he’s had his pot of Joe.

Guilty pleasure: Sci-fi. We second that notion!

Favorite spot in the world: His Family’s house. After all, home is where the heart is.

Where he’ll be in 5 years: Running his own company between jaunts to dream vacation spot, Bora Bora.

Favorite thing about MOS: Our team! Thanks Serge, we love you too.

Celebrity crush: Katrina Law

Motto: ” To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.”  The old fake it till you make it works for us too.

Do you love retail therapy? This cool app from Google is for you!

So we just learned about the new Google Catalogs app, and I’m so excited about it I just have to share it!

You know how Ikea puts their catalog up online on their website? They post it front and center so you can flip through each page, just like you would an old-school print copy. Pretty cool, right?

Well this is just like that, except now you can browse through catalogs from about 100 major retailers – think Sephora, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Pottery Barn – all from ONE FREE app on your iPad or tablet, which means you can shop from absolutely anywhere while you’re on the go.

Of course there’s tons of video content and lots of other cool extras that marketers will populate their catalogs with to make them irresistibly “engaging and interactive” (still the hottest buzz words today!). But the best thing about Google Catalogs is definitely the convenience.

You see a product you like –> you click for more information –> you buy it online or find a nearby store –> DONE!

Or if you’re anything like me and just love the thrill of window shopping, there’s a lot of pretty pictures for you to look at!

So why do I love the idea of Google Catalogs? It’s one more thing to keep me entertained while riding in trains, planes, automobiles, or from just about anywhere. PLUS I’m hoping there’s some really good coupons in these catalogs!!

Monday Morning Coffee Tech – Invasion of the Millennials

Incase you’ve been living in a desert warfare or maybe under some rocks, you’ve probably heard about the takeover of the Millennial generation.

It’s way worse than anything going on in London or Eygpt, these Gen Y jokesters are after it all, and they’re doing it in flip flops and cargos.

Not to say anything is wrong with these overachieving, under dressed wizkids. A lot of our team is made up of Millennials and we fully believe in freedom of expression,  in choice of clothing, work habits, and way of thinking.

As much as we embrace the unique quirks of our generation, we’re still watching our backs for the next 10 year old blogger trying to take our jobs.

Back in 2008, CBS News was already prepared for the big change. In an article published that May, they warned : ‘”Stand back all bosses!” A new breed of American worker is about to attack everything you hold sacred: from giving orders, to your starched white shirt and tie.’ Continue reading

The Weekend Guide – Plan some fun in Maryland outside the office

When you love your job as much as we do, every day feels like the weekend – right? RIGHT? Sorry, we’ll stop the whole Pollyanna thing. So what to do when you’re not one of the lucky ones? Plan a jam-packed weekend full of fun, that’s what!


DO: Pick your own peaches at Baugher’s Orchard. Wear your old jeans and get ready for some southern style fun in the sun. Take some friends or your main squeeze and hold on tight as you tour the farm on a hay bailing flat bed! *Bonusentry is free, just pay for what you pick. Find out more about Baugher’s Orchard.

SEE: Ditch the farm gear and get all gussied up to watch some chic shows at the 4th Annual Baltimore Fashion Week. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7:44pm. Find out more about Baltimore Fashion Week

EAT: After you enjoy a fierce fashion show, pretend like you’re visiting Paris Fashion Week and head over to Kali’s Court to discuss the latest trends. This ultra cozy, romantic, Mediterranean jaunt will have your tongues wagging for more. Applewood  bacon risotto – yes please! Find out more about Kali’s Court. Continue reading

Thawed Out Thursdays – Your Marketing Agency’s Tips on How to Grill the Perfect Steak

After playing Barbara Walters for the day, one thing was very clear – this office is a bunch of carnivores. Vegetarians need not apply. The unanimous vote put a perfectly cooked steak on the top of everyone’s all time food favorites.

With the summer winding down, it’s still the perfect weather for a friendly barbeque to kiss that sweltering heat wave goodbye.

To be the king of your grill, take our advice to swoon your taste buds:

1. Quality meats quantity

Even if you are feeding a large group, don’t try to skimp on the quality of your steak. It may seem like you are getting more slabs for less cash, but what you’re really getting is lots of fat that you wouldn’t want to feed your guests, let alone your dog. We suggest a rib eye, the thicker the better.

2. It’s Better to be a Hot Shot

Make sure your grill is turned up all the way before you let any of your precious meat come near the heat. Most steaks will require 10 minutes of cook time, but it all depends on how thick your cow bit is.

3. Flip-flops are IN.

Remember to flip your steak halfway through. So many people make the mistake of letting it sit on one side until it’s practically done – FAIL. Check your grillin’ after 4 minutes – if your steak has deep grill marks and the color looks close to what you want on your plate, it’s time to flip.

Once it’s done you can impress your guests, maybe even yourself, with the culinary potential you never even knew you had!

Need a visual aide? Check out this Steak for Dummies Video with Kirk Lein.