When Bargain Shopping Meets Business

I admit it proudly and without hesitation – I’m a bargain shopper. For as long as I can remember I’ve lived under the mantra that most things aren’t worth my money at full price when I can get them somewhere else on sale. And while I’ve spent most of my life checking price tags, I’ve noticed more comradery in the bargain world lately. While college graduates move back in with their parents, working families opt to carpool, and the Salisbury steak makes a comeback, home life minimalism starts to reflect the increasingly barren business world. Continue reading

Stop Being Reactive and Start Being Proactive.

In 2009 we were all reactive, right? We waited for something to happen, poised and ready to react to whatever came along. We saw many giants fall, many jobs get cut and little money get spent.

What happens when a huge tree falls in the forest? Well, a couple of things happen; it may take down or damage a few of the big trees that surround it on its tumble to the ground. However, it definitely creates an opening for sunlight to shine down on the smaller trees. The strongest, best prepared sapling now has the opportunity to grow into the mighty tree that once stood there. Usually more than one shrub benefits from a fallen shadow-caster.

What can you take from the example of the fallen tree? Was your business in the shadow of a larger competitor? Has one of your competitors shown obvious signs of trouble? If your competition is falling behind, Continue reading

Diagnosis: Classic Website Syndrome

You’ve spent countless hours in front of a glowing computer screen, strained eyes deciphering hyperlink text as morale around the office builds with anticipation. The day is here, you’ve finally reached that marking point on the road to success – your company has launched its very own website. Congratulations! The only problem is your hits tracker hasn’t moved in days. This isn’t quite the marketing breakthrough you were hoping for. Diagnosis: Classic Website Syndrome.

Build it and they will come. If only it was that easy when it comes to promoting a website for your company. The Internet offers Continue reading