Awesomely Bad Commercial #2: Stinky Septic

Going back to a post we did a few weeks ago, we’ve got another Awesomely Bad Commercial for you.  No squirrels in this one, now we’ve got a cartoon skunk, and he’s dressed like Mario.  Stinky Septic also put together a little tune to tell you all about their services.  I guess Mario was a plumber, so that does make a little bit of sense…but a skunk Mario? To me the cartoon animal appeals more towards kids, and I highly doubt kids are the ones making the call.  You’ve got to see this one for yourself.

What are your thoughts and do you have any suggestions of awesomely bad commercials we can feature in the blog?

If you didn’t see the first post with the commercial for Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP you can check it out here.

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