How to write a press release

Topics. Topics. Topics.

The most important lesson in PR is that your release must be news worthy. If you are submitting your release to free online directories, and I suggest that you do, your release will be reviewed for its newsworthiness. Blatant, self-promoting releases that scream ‘advertisement’ are quickly discarded in this news arena.

Topics that are news worthy:

  • Website launch
  • Product launch
  • Announcements (new hires, promotions, awards)
  • Event announcements

Contact Information

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5 hour energy… One of Americas hottest brands

I can’t take credit for this article, but I do believe its worth sharing. This is a great piece about one of America’s “Hottest” brands, and the way they put it all together.

On this blog I will often post up articles or stories that I find will be effective information for sales, advertising or marketing. This is the first of many thoughts. hope you like it. Continue reading