Awesomely Bad Commercial #3: Martin Fine Furniture

This Friday means it’s time for another post for an awesomely bad commercial!  Today’s gem comes from the wonderful state Indiana.  Martin Fine Furniture has been in business for over 150 years, four generations for this family owned business.  How long have they been pirates, we’ll that’s something I can’t answer.  Yes, I said Pirates, as you can see in their commercial below; they decided to go with a pirate theme.

With eye patches, a fake parrot, and plastic swords, Martin Fine Furniture has to be the first pirate themed furniture commercial.  I think my favorite part is the wooden plank placed on top of cinder blocks.  The sword fighting scenes are also quite captivating.  With Indiana being almost 1000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean I don’t really see where the pirate theme fits, but check it out.

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