Invitation to the White House’s Baltimore Business Leaders’ Briefing

Any invitation to the White House is an exciting one, and we’re even more psyched to be invited as part of the Baltimore Business Leaders’ Briefing, with about 35 other Maryland-based companies.

The agenda includes voicing our perspectives about the economy, technological innovation, healthcare reform, tax reform, and other pertinent issues.

Although our Columbia, MD office is only a short drive from Pennsylvania Ave., it often feels like the small business community doesn’t hold much consequence in the deliberations of our policy makers. So when any invitation is sent our way to voice our perspective on the condition of our local small businesses, we’re going to jump at it!

Max, our CEO, left the office all smiles this afternoon, no doubt with high hopes of receiving a more personal invitation to go golfing from Mr. Obama himself.

We’ll see what happens from today’s briefing, but either way it’s an honor to be personally chosen by the president’s right hand men as a representative of Baltimore businesses.

Read more about the event in Baltimore Business Journal’s article.

Same great MOS, new and improved package!

Even WE need a makeover every once and a while. So welcome to the new MOS blog!

We talk and talk until we’re blue in the face about being very consistent with your brand. But consistent never means stale. Remember, transforming and updating every so often is NOT a bad thing. Your company is constantly developing and finding its place in the market, and it’s OKAY for your company’s image to develop too!

Tell us what you think about the new look, then go ahead and get inspired!

Happy Movember! No-Shave November – Day 1

It’s the rich tradition that men all over the world have been propagating for generations since 1999. This annual, month-long event entails the growing of mustaches during the month of November.

First celebrated by a group of men in Australia, the festivities and reports of facial hair have spread nearly worldwide.

Charitable organizations have also evolved around Movember’s significance, helping to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer and depression.
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