Meet Kate!

Hey there,

I’m Katy Leuschner, the new Project and Marketing Manager/Copywriter at MOS Creative. Originally from Severna Park, MD, I went off to James Madison University and graduated with a double major in Media Arts & Design (concentration in Corporate Communications) and Spanish. After graduating, I spent almost a year and a half working as the assistant to a self-made multimillionaire in Virginia. Working there was a phenomenal learning experience and also enhanced my adaptability (I would assist with writing investor summaries one day, then help lead horses on a trail ride the next).

Besides loving all the outdoorsiness of the Shenandoah Valley (hiking, caving, camping, kayaking), I felt the urge to move back to Maryland and continue exploring my interest in marketing. I had read about MOS Creative in the Baltimore Business Journal and decided to email them on a whim to see if they had any open positions that would fit my interests and experience . . . the rest is history! And luckily there’s still an abundance of outdoorsy activities around here, plus wakeboarding and crabbing.

Now instead of watching out for deer and cows as I drive home, I just need to find ways to pass the time in rush hour traffic. Currently using language CDs to brush up on my Spanish, but open to new ideas.

All in all, I’m very excited to be back in Maryland and have the opportunity to be a part of the MOS Creative team!




Do Grades Matter After College?

Discussing if your GPA matters or not when interviewing for jobs is a sensitive subject that receives a lot of (dare I say) heated discussion. In my humble opinion, at the end of the day, your GPA should not hold a great amount of weight when applying for a job or internship, and here’s why:

If an applicant has a 4.0 GPA, that’s great. However, in the world of marketing and public relations, will the GPA still matter if the applicant doesn’t know how to effectively communicate ideas and show that they think outside the box?

While interviewing for various internships throughout the years, I’ve never been asked about my GPA. I’m not trying to advise any readers to slack off now — it’s always important to work hard in school. (Your grades will decide if you graduate or not!) However, if you’re planning on applying to jobs right after college, it would be helpful not to stress too much about your GPA. In other words, your GPA will not be the single deciding factor when applying for jobs.

What will determine it? The ideas you have to offer, and your willingness to pull through with them! Creativity, relevant experience, networking and time management are also important. Speaking skills are also helpful.

Another crucial skill today is writing. With today’s technology that lets us rapidly communicate in short bursts of information, the emphasis to thoroughly express one’s thoughts has deteriorated. I believe employers are looking for the few people who can creatively and effectively communicate ideas through writing.

What else matters besides GPA? Does GPA have more importance than I make it out to be?