Your State is Ranked #1 in What?

Sure we’ve seen statistics about cities with the most crime, least rainfall, even the most obese citizens, thats nothing new.  The graphic I found this morning shows that each state in the US is #1 in some category.  Whether it is Cheese production, intelligence, or toothlessness, this map has it all.  And yes toothlessness is a word.

Below are some of my favorites:

-Here in Maryland households are the wealthiest in the nation with the median household income at $69,272.

-Connecticut is ranked #1 in overall well-being of citizens based on a study looking at health, education, and income levels.

-Massachusetts has the fastest drivers.  This state ranks at the top of the nation for most speeding tickets.

-Nevada is ranked first in teen pregnancies, home foreclosures and meth usage, but on the plus side they do have more mountain ranges than any other state in the US.

-Pennsylvania has more vehicle collisions because of deer than any other state.

-Utah has the highest literacy rate at 94%, the fastest growing job market, the lowest smoking rate at 9.8%, and they are the youngest state with the median age of 28.

-Last but not least, I know you are all curious about the state with the most toothless adults.  West Virginia tops the list with 40.5% of adults aged 65 and over who have had all of their natural teeth extracted.

There are plenty of other cool statistics and facts on the map, so check it out.

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