Animation: Putting Motion Into Your Marketing!

You thought logos, slogans, SEO and hashtagging were all that went into marketing? Well, there’s much more than that! Those are sort of static; we need something a bit more ALIVE! This is where we utilize a little technique called ANIMATION!

Be it a tv commercial, online ad, or a simple video on your site—animation can be implemented into any marketing strategy. With Youtube being a prime source of entertainment (AND the 3rd most popular site on the web), you’re going to want some presence there. I mean, only 100 million internet users check out online video a day. That’s 200 million potential eyes pointed right at your animation. With more than 3 billion hours of video views per month, you’ll want to get your foot in that door.

Why animation though? Well, animation, above all, can be made to look however you’d like. You can do whatever you want with it! If you can think it, it can be created. Another great thing about animation is, it’s 100% editable! Plus, there are many styles in which to captivate your audience with–motion graphics, hand drawn animation, stop-motion animation, cg animation, cutout animation… well, the list goes on and on. There’s so many styles, so many techniques that can be utilized to create a completely unique and original piece that helps YOU stand out.

We here at MOS Creative are quite the animators ourselves. We see a production from conception to completion, all in-house! We’re pretty dang versatile! Check out our blog posts about animations we’ve done for Bumblejunk and Foodem! Get a hold of us and see what kind of animation we can do for you!

Here’s 3 quick things to keep in mind while creating an animation:

1. Consider the style.
With many options out there, you’ll need a style not only intriguing, but also one that fits your brand. You wouldn’t want a cartoony character hopping around the screen while speaking about your Mixed Martial Arts training program. Keep in mind your audience, know what they’ll respond to.

2. Length of the piece.
Animation, while quick to watch, is not quick to make. The more content you want in it, the more time it takes to animate. Though one thing MOS Creative has perfected over the years is a quick turnaround on animated projects. We pride ourselves on that fact!

3. Make it fun!   
Animation is a limitless medium, so don’t be afraid to get crazy!

While you’re here, please enjoy one of our animated projects, a quick little toon about Mosaic Power!:


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-MOS Creative Team


Throwback Thursday: Bumblejunk!

We work on many projects here at MOS Creative. Do you have too much clutter? Need it removed? Well, we know just the guys who will help you out with that. This week, we want to highlight one of our favorites: Bumblejunk Junk Removal!

We’ve created many things for these guys. Here, we’ve got businesscards, yard signs, postcards, a vehicle wrap, and even an animation that ran on television!

We did all the work in-house, utilizing one of our designers, John as the voice. Tony then animated it all together. This was super fun.

The businesscards were a fun project as well. Here’s the front:image

And here’s the back:

We love how well the light blue and the bright, vibrant yellow play off of each other. 

While the Bumblejunk guys are out at a house, removing junk as they do, they place a nice sign in the lawn.


Bright, happy, and hard to miss!

The residential postcards were also a treat to make:


As we see in this postcard, there’s a Bumblejunk vehicle driving around. Here’s our vehicle wrap design!


We had a ton of fun creating this. Give Bumblejunk a call today!

-The MOS Creative Team

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Hashtags: The Searchterm Menace!

#I #am #writing #this #blog… #yolo. Hashtags are popping up all over the place. As more and more sites begin to adopt them, they seem to be everywhere. What words come to mind when you think of your business or website? Those words can be utilized as Hashtags and help categorize your site. You can get on tons of lists very quickly this way. Think of them as more specific tags.

Hashtags were first used by IRC chat networks, and popularized by Twitter, and the list of sites using them grow from there. Hashtags have become so popular that they have made it into our real life vernacular. Everyone’s seen the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake sketch, right?

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links, allowing people to easily find posts about topics they’re interested in. They are a powerful tool. A powerful tool that is often misused. It’s very easy to over-hashtag useless information. So it’s important to keep your hashtags concise and pertinent to your company.

Luckily, we here at MOS Creative know exactly how and what to hashtag for you!

Here’s 3 quick hashtagging tips for you:

1. Find out what people are looking for.

Find out what the popular tags are. Not just ones that go with what you’re doing but any that might help bring in the right people for your business or website. These will put you in categories with anything else that has been tagged the same so try not to put yourself in

2. Create custom hashtags

Create custom hashtags of your name and/or slogans. Then have people use them. Contests where you have to use a certain hashtag are always good. Or make one that almost anyone can use in a post. This is also a good way to track posts about you.

3. Consider the length of your hashtag

When people retweet your hashtagged tweet, they may want to write a little something about it on their own. If you’ve got a super long hashtag, it’ll definitely push twitter’s 140 character limit.

Keep these in mind when you make your #hashtags. Maybe you can hit us up, we’ll be able to help you with any of your advertising and marketing needs. Visit our website at and check back here for more fun, tips, contests, and general cool stuff!

-MOS Creative Team

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Throwback Thursday – Spring Swing for the Cure!

Blast from the past! We would just like to highlight some of the older stuff we’ve done. A project from the past, if you will.

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we want to highlight a project that was involved with breast cancer awareness. This week, we want to talk about Spring Swing For The Cure! This was a golf tournament back in 2008, to raise funding for the fight against breast cancer. We got the chance to design their logo, businesscard and do a booklet as well.

Here, we included a breast cancer awareness ribbon as a base, then played with combining green and pink.

With the businesscard, We kept going with the green and pink colors, by including a shot of a golf course’s grass.


The booklet for the event was the best part of this project. We kept the green/pink combo and the close-up of the golf course elements. My favorite part is how the green swoops going up the page seem to be coming from the golfer in the logo’s swing.

Here is a spread of some pages of the book.


This was a fun, productive project that went towards a great cause.

 We here at MOS Creative loved this project, and hope to do more just like it.

-The MOS Creative team.

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Behind the Scenes:

We here at MOS Creative have done many projects, and here’s one of our recent ones, an animation for!

Our animator, Tony, cranked away at this animation. Here are some sketches of the chef character:


None of these made the cut


As you can see, our winning chef was born here! Tony then took this design, and made a full body. Then, the phonemes, or mouth motions had to be made. Here is a sketch sheet of the “happy” phonemes used in the animation:


These were all scanned in and drawn over in Adobe Flash. The animation was then completed with this full motion puppet!

This is just one of the animations we’ve made. We here at MOS Creative are capable of many different styles of animation/film/video and any other motion graphics projects you’d ever want! Remember our slogan: “We help YOU Stand out!” and that we do.

-The MOS Creative Team

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