The 5 Second Rule

Technically, it’s not the culinary type of mistake that advertisers make; it’s the less palatable kind and spoils easily. Some consumers might even develop an aversion to the stimuli, but that can totally be avoided with the 5 second rule. It’s crucial, it’s vital, it’s necessary and here at MOS Creative we make it delicious once again.

We’ve all heard the expression: “first impressions are usually the correct ones.” Well, this is soo true, especially for the ad world. You have 5 seconds to make the consumer 1) believe that this product will make them or their life better, 2) that they won’t find anything better and 3) their money and time is going to right place.

So how do you do this? Don’t let the value, originality, and creativity fall on the floor.

  • Make it clear
  • Make it fast
  • Make it real

Life is short. Make those seconds count.

You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Ad!

Next month, the FDA will be celebrating the first birthday of their brain child, the Bad Ad Program…

Whaaaat? You mean you’ve never heard of the Bad Ad program? Well, we wouldn’t blame you. Since the program began in May of 2010 there have been over 239 complaints. Nope, not 239,000… but 239 total.

The basic premise of this program is “to educate healthcare providers about the role they can play in helping the agency make sure that prescription drug advertising and promotion is truthful and not misleading” (source:

Launched by the FDA’s Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communication, it has commissioned a small secret police, whoops, I mean agency, which takes into account the various sorts of advertising violations. Continue reading

Your Fear of Searching the Mobile Web has a Cure!

Don’t you hate when you’re surfing the web on your mobile phone, but the website does not fit perfectly on your screen? You may have to enlarge it and scroll to read the text, or try and zoom in? Looking at websites on your phone at times is not fun. However, there is a very simple answer to this conundrum. Web2Mobile, Inc. is the nations first mobile software in the United States that allows users build a mobile website in just three steps! Continue reading

The Big Screen Comes to Facebook

Facebook has already been on the big screen, well what about taking the big screen to Facebook?  We’ve seen over the last few years how Netflix has cashed in on the industry, not to mention Hulu and iTunes.  Well now it might be Facebook’s turn to cash in.

Warner Bros.’ is planning to rent and eventually sell films on Facebook.  They are currently running a test right now with “The Dark Knight.”  For 30 Facebook Credits you can watch “The Dark Knight” right through Facebook.  You can purchase 15 Facebook Credits for $1.50 or 50 Credits for $5.  Either way, that adds up to about 3 dollars to watch the movie.  Not too bad of a price considering the alternatives and you don’t have to leave your couch or send away for it in the mail.

For now the industry leaders (Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes) have the advantage.  Continue reading

The iPad 2 Rumor Mill

Many are already chomping at the bit for the iPad 2 which was thought to be launched this spring but now that may be pushed back.  It is rumored that Apple has decided to make some design changes with the tablet which may have caused the set back.

Reports are also spreading that Apple has halted production of the iPad 2 on their supply chains due to the observance of the Chinese New Year.  Some believe the release date will be set in early summer, possibly June.  We may see two Apple products launched in the same month with the iPad and the iPhone 5.

Here is more from the rumor mill on the iPad 2 and potential upgrades: Continue reading

Google’s Retaliation on Groupon?

One thing is certain; Google will always be in the news.  Today Google is buzzing for a few reasons but one grabbing most headlines is co-founder Larry Page will be taking over as CEO. Eric Schmidt the current CEO is stepping down to a new role as Executive Chairman as he will oversee the company’s expansions abroad.  Larry Page had already been the company’s CEO more than a decade ago.  He led the company when they grew from two employees to 200, and now they have over 20,000 worldwide.

While this may garner a great deal of attention, Google was also seen in other headlines Continue reading

Must See – Funny Spoof on Death of Ad Agencies

Thanks to FITC for this clever but eerily relevant sci-fi scenario of the death of the last ad agency on earth. The thing is – they pretty much hit the nail on the head. Many “creative firms” are scared to actually get creative any more. And that, my friends, may be the death of them.

Why? Because consumers’ media habits and access to that media are changing rapidly. We’re not the same captive audience that we used to be. If you’re familiar with the acronyms TiVo and DVR, or you’ve ever been exposed to a YouTube video, then my point has been made.

Effective marketing today has got to be about not doing the same old stuff. It’s got to be about STANDING OUT. We’ve been saying it for a long, long time. Still not convinced? Watch this video! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you.

The Latest Nike Kicks: Premium Print Pack

From flying cars and living on Mars, many predictions about the future have been way off.  People have been questioning the future of print for several years now.  While there are statistics showing online usage increasing in the last ten years, print has yet to crumble as many suggested.  In fact, Nike may have found a new trend for the future of print, at least for the time being.

A new design by the Nike team takes Continue reading