The iPad 2 Rumor Mill

Many are already chomping at the bit for the iPad 2 which was thought to be launched this spring but now that may be pushed back.  It is rumored that Apple has decided to make some design changes with the tablet which may have caused the set back.

Reports are also spreading that Apple has halted production of the iPad 2 on their supply chains due to the observance of the Chinese New Year.  Some believe the release date will be set in early summer, possibly June.  We may see two Apple products launched in the same month with the iPad and the iPhone 5.

Here is more from the rumor mill on the iPad 2 and potential upgrades:

-Anti-reflection display improving readability outdoors.

-The new version may sport a flatter back making it much easier to hold onto.

-More accessories such as a USB port where you will be able to connect cameras and video for direct editing.

-Front facing camera allowing for web conferencing.

-SD card slot allowing users to transfer photos.

-Increased resolution to 1280×960 with the potential to run 720p content.

-Improved speakers.  Many feel this is a cheap fix and would be an obvious upgrade but some argue there is limited space for an upgraded speaker.

-Dual-Core processor allowing the tablet to run much larger and useful apps.

-Apple will be hosting an event March 2 with many assuming this will be based on the iPad 2.

Until March 2nd we will have to wait and see.  Will the iPad 2 surpass other tablets and e-readers?

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