Your Fear of Searching the Mobile Web has a Cure!

Don’t you hate when you’re surfing the web on your mobile phone, but the website does not fit perfectly on your screen? You may have to enlarge it and scroll to read the text, or try and zoom in? Looking at websites on your phone at times is not fun. However, there is a very simple answer to this conundrum. Web2Mobile, Inc. is the nations first mobile software in the United States that allows users build a mobile website in just three steps!

This exciting new software is designed to transition regular websites into mobile sites.  This software may sound difficult to use, but it is actually very easy, and a mobile site can be made within minutes! The Web2Mobile sites are professionally designed and are capable of functioning quickly and easily for customers using the sites on their mobile devices. In addition, the Web2Mobile software allows businesses to get the attention of their clients on their mobile sites through promotions, social media, videos, and much more.

The Web2Mobile software is available to primarily make your transition to mobile internet painless. Because more people are surfing the internet through a mobile phone rather than on a PC or laptop—they want their internet to be efficient, without the hassle of scrolling across the screen to read one sentence.

Web2Mobile was launched by Alexander Kutsishin and Max Kryzhanovskiy— the same marketers who founded Baltimore creative firm, MOS Creative. They sincerely believe if you can write an email, you can build a Web2Mobile website.

The mobile marketplace is growing larger, by the day—so don’t be caught up in the old times with just a regular website. Get hip, and up-to-date with a Web2Mobile website! Check out the Web2Mobile website, and start today!

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