What to do this Weekend in Maryland: Swimming, Swinging & Snuggling

It’s been a crazy week on the east coast, between the earth quake, the rain, the anticipation of hurricane Irene headed our way, and the nail biting Ravens game last night. Whew! It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend!


DO: Hold your breath, plug your nose, and grab your goggles for this IMAX watery wonder: Wild Ocean 3D, showing at the Maryland Science Center this summer. This award-winning, action-packed 3D adventure illustrates the interplay and epic struggle for survival between man and the endangered ocean ecosystem. Find out more at Maryland Science Center.

SEE: This is NOT the elephant and clown filled circus you went to when you were a kid. Cirque du Soleil stretches your imagination again with its show Quidam. The story revolves around a lonely girl named ZoĆ©, ignored by her parents and finding herself in another world where a host of characters from a human bull’s eye to a man with skeletal wings try to help rid her of boredom. *BONUS the Cirque troupe is conveniently performing at 1st Mariner Arena this time! Find out more at Cirque Du Soleil.

EAT: Get excited for all things fried and on a stick! That’s right, it’s time once again for the one and only Maryland State Fair! This is opening weekend for the annual fair, which run through Sept. 5, and the food and festivities are quickly coming into full swing. Foodies will surely appreciate the Craft Beers that are to be served for the first time this year. Options include Raven Beer, Heavy Seas Brewery, DuClaw Brewing, Dog Brewing from Westminster, Brewers Alley and Flying Dog Brewery, all to be served at one big booth belonging to the Brewers Association of Maryland. Find out more at Maryland State Fair.


DO: Stay inside and enjoy the dry!! Although the reports of just how directly Hurricane Irene is coming towards us are still changing by the hour, why not just play it safe and take this day of rest to just bum it. You don’t get many opportunities to not do anything at all, so for Pete’s sake, let’s be lazy when we can!

SEE: What a perfect chance to snuggle up with your cutie pie under your favorite blanket holding a warm bowl of popcorn and get pop in a movie. Doesn’t matter whether it’s On Demand, Red Box to the rescue, or P.S. I Love You is playing on TBS for the 87th time. It’s all about WHO you’re spending your Sunday with!

EAT: What is the absolute best thing you can think of to indulge in on an icky, rainy, Sunday afternoon? Think something warm out of the over and smelling of heavenly delights. I’m thinking those Hershey’s Best Brownies I told you about yesterday! Hey, it’s another rainy day, you can make brownies two times in one week. I won’t tell.

Mmmmmm. Chocolate.

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