Monday Morning Coffee Tech – Invasion of the Millennials

Incase you’ve been living in a desert warfare or maybe under some rocks, you’ve probably heard about the takeover of the Millennial generation.

It’s way worse than anything going on in London or Eygpt, these Gen Y jokesters are after it all, and they’re doing it in flip flops and cargos.

Not to say anything is wrong with these overachieving, under dressed wizkids. A lot of our team is made up of Millennials and we fully believe in freedom of expression,  in choice of clothing, work habits, and way of thinking.

As much as we embrace the unique quirks of our generation, we’re still watching our backs for the next 10 year old blogger trying to take our jobs.

Back in 2008, CBS News was already prepared for the big change. In an article published that May, they warned : ‘”Stand back all bosses!” A new breed of American worker is about to attack everything you hold sacred: from giving orders, to your starched white shirt and tie.’

They weren’t kidding either. Growing up in a world without losers and constant praise for nothing in particular, these kids are looking to do whatever it takes to gain the worship status they’ve loved all their lives.

So how can we work with these Millennial misfits?

Take a Cue from Ford.

The company came up with an entirely new marketing plan for their Millennial market. “Millennials are not as interested as baby boomers were in a car as a status symbol. The car for them is about basic transportation — but adding technology to the car turns the car into a “lifestyle enabler,” said Ms. Connelly.” Instead of focusing on engine, speed, endurance, they’re main attraction is creating customizable cars that are pocket friendly.

Set up a support system.

Without the constant ego-stroking, Gen Y can get a little snappy. Set them up with someone high up in the ranks to show them what it really takes to get to the top. When they get cranky about their less-than-stellar performance review, someone will be there to cushion the blow.

Create a reward system.

We’ve got one over here, and it helps push everyone to do their best. A rewards system acts as a substitute for constant praise and gets everyone excited to work together, not against each other.

Every time one of our team members does a favor for their office mate, their name goes in a bowl and at the end of the month, those with the most slips get to play our version of Deal or No Deal.

Now go Tech up so you won’t be the one losing out to the next 16 year old with an iPad!

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