Do you love retail therapy? This cool app from Google is for you!

So we just learned about the new Google Catalogs app, and I’m so excited about it I just have to share it!

You know how Ikea puts their catalog up online on their website? They post it front and center so you can flip through each page, just like you would an old-school print copy. Pretty cool, right?

Well this is just like that, except now you can browse through catalogs from about 100 major retailers – think Sephora, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Pottery Barn – all from ONE FREE app on your iPad or tablet, which means you can shop from absolutely anywhere while you’re on the go.

Of course there’s tons of video content and lots of other cool extras that marketers will populate their catalogs with to make them irresistibly “engaging and interactive” (still the hottest buzz words today!). But the best thing about Google Catalogs is definitely the convenience.

You see a product you like –> you click for more information –> you buy it online or find a nearby store –> DONE!

Or if you’re anything like me and just love the thrill of window shopping, there’s a lot of pretty pictures for you to look at!

So why do I love the idea of Google Catalogs? It’s one more thing to keep me entertained while riding in trains, planes, automobiles, or from just about anywhere. PLUS I’m hoping there’s some really good coupons in these catalogs!!

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