Meet Dorothy: Baltimore’s #1 Graphic Designer

Dorothy P.

Our Graphic Designer wiz-kid

Over 2 years ago, Dorothy took the skills she picked up at MICA and found the Craigslist ad that would launch her design career at MOS.

First thing she does in the AM: Goes back to sleep – we all enjoy the late morning call time at our office!

Favorite food: Steak, just like the rest of the team, cooked medium of course. A little blood never hurt anyone.

Guiltiest pleasure: Harry Potter. And she’s got the wand to prove it – try and stump her HP IQ only if you dare!

How she D.W.I.L s: Designing as if she were the client gets her creative juices a flowin!

What she loves about MOS: The good environment – do we really need to go over this again?

Celeberity crush: It might surprise you, but she’s waiting for her date with Johnny Depp.

Her life’s motto: “Treat others the way you would want to be treated” – girl’s got a good soul.

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