Do you love retail therapy? This cool app from Google is for you!

So we just learned about the new Google Catalogs app, and I’m so excited about it I just have to share it!

You know how Ikea puts their catalog up online on their website? They post it front and center so you can flip through each page, just like you would an old-school print copy. Pretty cool, right?

Well this is just like that, except now you can browse through catalogs from about 100 major retailers – think Sephora, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Pottery Barn – all from ONE FREE app on your iPad or tablet, which means you can shop from absolutely anywhere while you’re on the go.

Of course there’s tons of video content and lots of other cool extras that marketers will populate their catalogs with to make them irresistibly “engaging and interactive” (still the hottest buzz words today!). But the best thing about Google Catalogs is definitely the convenience.

You see a product you like –> you click for more information –> you buy it online or find a nearby store –> DONE!

Or if you’re anything like me and just love the thrill of window shopping, there’s a lot of pretty pictures for you to look at!

So why do I love the idea of Google Catalogs? It’s one more thing to keep me entertained while riding in trains, planes, automobiles, or from just about anywhere. PLUS I’m hoping there’s some really good coupons in these catalogs!!

Are They Doing It Right?

Social advertising in the 21st century is a necessary tool for any successful company. With SOOOOOOO many mobile web design companies emerging from the woodwork -  and with good reason, I mean this industry is growing by the minute! – You have to ask yourself one question… Are they doing it right?

What if making your own mobile site was as easy as typing up this blog? That’s the idea behind Web2Mobile. Honestly, if you can write an email, you can build a mobile site!

Web2Mobile is offering step-by-step tutorials for each and every aspect of building your very own mobile site. We offer FAQs, a 24-hour editor from which you can edit anytime and from anywhere, custom website templates by professional in-house designers, and proven success tips from world-renowned web designers.

Not only can you build multiple sites without creating additional accounts, but there are no limits to how big you can make your site. You can build two pages or 50 pages, there’s NO extra cost!

Possibly the best offer to prove our righteousness is our 14-day risk-free trial of building a 1 page mobile site design.

There’s no question, we’re definitely doing it right!

Your Fear of Searching the Mobile Web has a Cure!

Don’t you hate when you’re surfing the web on your mobile phone, but the website does not fit perfectly on your screen? You may have to enlarge it and scroll to read the text, or try and zoom in? Looking at websites on your phone at times is not fun. However, there is a very simple answer to this conundrum. Web2Mobile, Inc. is the nations first mobile software in the United States that allows users build a mobile website in just three steps! Continue reading

Mobile Advertisement Impressions Up, Up and Away.

InMobi, an Indian mobile advertising company, recently released data about the mobile web, mobile advertising and smartphones.  This report compares data found from July of 2010 and October of 2010.  By collecting the same data three months apart InMobi could compare numbers to see both growth and decline in certain categories.

Here are some of the main points which should grab your attention:

-InMobi broke down their information based on various markets and we will take a look into the US segment.  In the 90 days between July and October 2010, InMobi saw mobile ad impressions increase by 600 million a month, which was a 25% increase.  Total ad impressions for the month of October sat at a measly 2,984,592,565.  Just short of 3 billion.

-The iPhone dominates…for now. Continue reading

Must See – Funny Spoof on Death of Ad Agencies

Thanks to FITC for this clever but eerily relevant sci-fi scenario of the death of the last ad agency on earth. The thing is – they pretty much hit the nail on the head. Many “creative firms” are scared to actually get creative any more. And that, my friends, may be the death of them.

Why? Because consumers’ media habits and access to that media are changing rapidly. We’re not the same captive audience that we used to be. If you’re familiar with the acronyms TiVo and DVR, or you’ve ever been exposed to a YouTube video, then my point has been made.

Effective marketing today has got to be about not doing the same old stuff. It’s got to be about STANDING OUT. We’ve been saying it for a long, long time. Still not convinced? Watch this video! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you.

2010 List of Growing Companies

In 2010 many local organizations chose MOS Creative to help them increase their marketability. These companies are positioned for major growth in 2011.

Here are a few of the companies that are greeting 2011 with a plan for growth:

1. Torri’s Legal Services

Micro site
Email Campaign

2. WHFL Law


3. The Go-Kart Track

TV and Online Commercial

4. Centech

Digital Presentation
Updated Logo

5. ESI

Marketing Materials
Custom Signage
Trademark Development

6. MD Pet Gazette

Online Magazine

Continue reading

Google Goggles: Seeing into the Future of Marketing

google goggles, marketingAlmost a year ago Google launched Google Goggles, an app for mobile users that allows them to instantly find more information about something simply by taking a picture of it. People have been using this device to look up information on text, landmarks, books, artwork, logos, and contact information.

It is a very interesting concept but now Google is taking it a step further. Google is performing their own marketing experiment with 5 brands, Buick, Delta Airlines, Diageo, Disney and T-Mobile. Continue reading

Why advertisers can’t afford not to consider digital advertising

So what’s the deal with digital? We all know, and by this point love, everything digital. Even if we don’t honestly know what the letters LCD stand for we know it’s a good thing. And when it comes to high definition, whether we’re fast forwarding through infomercials or yelling at a questionable sports call (trust me, the World Cup in HD is totally worth it every four years), as viewers we like what we see.

But consumers aren’t having ALL the fun. Why should advertisers be so excited about digital? Because digital signage advertising is one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of advertising, way out performing the reach and results of television, online, print, and practically any other medium.

Why should advertisers take a hitch on the digital bandwagon? Studies found that consumers are three times more likely to successfully recall digital advertisements as compared to television, and four times more likely than television ads. Nearly two-thirds of consumers say that digital signage advertising catches their attention – the highest level reported across all media surveyed, including billboards, magazines, TV, the Internet, newspapers, radio, and mobile phone advertising.

If you’re looking for numbers, take these for a spin. It takes an average advertising investment of $21 to reach 1,000 people via television. So how does that compare to the ROI for digital? Continue reading