Mobile Advertisement Impressions Up, Up and Away.

InMobi, an Indian mobile advertising company, recently released data about the mobile web, mobile advertising and smartphones.  This report compares data found from July of 2010 and October of 2010.  By collecting the same data three months apart InMobi could compare numbers to see both growth and decline in certain categories.

Here are some of the main points which should grab your attention:

-InMobi broke down their information based on various markets and we will take a look into the US segment.  In the 90 days between July and October 2010, InMobi saw mobile ad impressions increase by 600 million a month, which was a 25% increase.  Total ad impressions for the month of October sat at a measly 2,984,592,565.  Just short of 3 billion.

-The iPhone dominates…for now. As of October the iPhone accounts for 21.9% of all US ad impressions.  iPhones hold more than any other of the market share, Android is on the rise.  Android owns 19.2% after an 8% increase from July-October, taking over 2.5% from the iPhone.  It’s hard to speculate if this trend will continue, especially now that the iPhone is available for Verizon.

-USA Handset and Connected devices tell a bit of a different story.  The Apple iPhone holds 21.9% of the share with 654 million ad impressions.  The #2 competitor is the Motorola Droid with 134 million ad impressions, amounting to only 4.5% of the share.  The Samsung SCH R350 comes in a close third with 104 million impressions and 3.5% of the share.

We’ve been saying all along how the mobile web is about to make its splash, and it looks like it’s finally here.  For full data from InMobi check out their report here.  So the question is…do you have a mobile site for your website?

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