Neighbor marketing when you’re the new kid in town

When I started high school I didn’t know anybody. Literally, the first day I school I walked through those hollow halls and did not know a single soul. We had moved that summer, to a brand new house in a brand new town and a brand new state. Everyone else around me had known each other since kindergarten. They already had their clicks and social classes established. I was the new kid in high school. I bet you don’t envy me that.

And I don’t regret it a bit. Trust me, being the new kid has its perks. It’s a fresh start. You can create your image and define yourself to your neighbors. You can be whatever you want to be! That’s what I liked about it in high school, and that’s what i like about it still today, as we settle in to our great big new office space in a new neighborhood and new part of town. We get to be the new kids again, and meet a whole new set of neighbors!

I don’t just mean the local businesses near our Columbia office. I mean our new friends who work in the other offices of our complex. I never had trouble making friends back in high school, and things haven’t changed since then. If you’ve ever spent time in our office, you know that we aren’t shy.

So how do we plan on meeting the new neighbors in style? The same way we carry out any serious initiative… By planning an (inexpensive) full campaign around it, of course. What better way to get acquainted to our new surroundings (and network with people who know other people) than to host a “conversations and cocktails” office-warming party.

We’ll share a few drinks and funny stories, compile a list of birthdays,

I can’t even emphasize how important first impressions are. So be excited to be the new kid in town!

Grand Prix is a Boost for Business, but a Pain in the Butt for Baltimoreans

Is the economic boost really worth the HEADACHE for people living in the city?

Crazed drivers high on adrenaline will be speeding through the Baltimore city streets at ridiculous speeds, drafting around sharp turns and probably resulting in several head-on collisions with the wall and other drivers. So what makes this scene different from any other day in Baltimore City? This time it’s sanctioned. It’s Baltimore’s Grand Prix, baby!

In case you haven’t noticed the precariously placed sets of bleachers that have magically erected in the harbor over the last few weeks, and inconvenient road closures that you’ve been swearing at for weeks now, something exciting is coming to town. Exciting, that is, unless you have to navigate anywhere in a hurry this weekend. Even getting to work this morning was a frustrating experience.

The Baltimore Business Journal has already reported about the traffic nightmares today, including Lombard St. traffic halting to a stop during this morning’s rush hour, and creating some cranky commuters. One woman complained about sitting in traffic one block from her office for an hour. That’s enough to drive any rational person way over the edge. Continue reading

Technology Wins – Top 10 Back-to-School Ads

1. Microsoft: PC or Mini Fridge?

As a kid, the end of August was always full of anticipation and excitement – back to school time! I would actually look forward to school shopping – picking out fresh new binders and coordinating folders, setting up each binder with the necessary section dividers for each class. OK, I was a really odd, really organized little kid.

All grown up, and the end of summer is still exciting. It brings back all those familiar feelings of being granted a new opportunity and a fresh start – the world is your oyster.

Back to school is also one of the most important times of the year for brands and retailers. It’s the second-biggest selling season next to the winter holidays! Apparel, shoes, school supplies, technology -with $69 billion in sales to fight over, you better step up your marketing game.

But in an underwhelming ad season, most of the brands in the must-buys (clothing, supplies, etc.) showed up to the game with lack luster enthusiasm. It was by and far left to the technology categories to push the creativity this year – brands including Microsoft, Dell and Best Buy.

“Retailers go into announcement mode, and for the most part those don’t resonate well. Retailers aren’t developing [apparel] creative stories particularly well, and they’re missing out on an opportunity,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “What really resonated well this year tended to be tech-oriented. Those ads either had an interesting product or an interesting new message.

Thanks to Ad Age for printing Ace Metrix’s list of top back-to-school ads. Creative effectiveness of ads is ranked by viewer reaction to national TV ads. Here’s the top 5 back-to-school ads…

1. See Microsoft above!

2. JC Penney: Turn your small change into Pennies from Heaven

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Do you love retail therapy? This cool app from Google is for you!

So we just learned about the new Google Catalogs app, and I’m so excited about it I just have to share it!

You know how Ikea puts their catalog up online on their website? They post it front and center so you can flip through each page, just like you would an old-school print copy. Pretty cool, right?

Well this is just like that, except now you can browse through catalogs from about 100 major retailers – think Sephora, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Pottery Barn – all from ONE FREE app on your iPad or tablet, which means you can shop from absolutely anywhere while you’re on the go.

Of course there’s tons of video content and lots of other cool extras that marketers will populate their catalogs with to make them irresistibly “engaging and interactive” (still the hottest buzz words today!). But the best thing about Google Catalogs is definitely the convenience.

You see a product you like –> you click for more information –> you buy it online or find a nearby store –> DONE!

Or if you’re anything like me and just love the thrill of window shopping, there’s a lot of pretty pictures for you to look at!

So why do I love the idea of Google Catalogs? It’s one more thing to keep me entertained while riding in trains, planes, automobiles, or from just about anywhere. PLUS I’m hoping there’s some really good coupons in these catalogs!!

Google’s Retaliation on Groupon?

One thing is certain; Google will always be in the news.  Today Google is buzzing for a few reasons but one grabbing most headlines is co-founder Larry Page will be taking over as CEO. Eric Schmidt the current CEO is stepping down to a new role as Executive Chairman as he will oversee the company’s expansions abroad.  Larry Page had already been the company’s CEO more than a decade ago.  He led the company when they grew from two employees to 200, and now they have over 20,000 worldwide.

While this may garner a great deal of attention, Google was also seen in other headlines Continue reading

The NFL Negotiations:Impacting Industries Across the US

By now I’m sure most of you have heard something about the potential lockout in the NFL next year.  Yes I know our Ravens just won a huge game yesterday and we are already looking into next year, but next year can have some huge implications for businesses around the country.

Thanks to NFL games, many businesses can keep busy during what would typically be a slow time of year.  The big deal about the lockout is the NFL Commissioner and executives want a longer season and limiting salaries for rookies, among other things.  The NFL Players Association worries that adding two more games will put their health into jeopardy when there are already investigations going on about the safety of the game with the recent concussions.  To put it plain and simple, if the two sides cannot Continue reading

Must See – Funny Spoof on Death of Ad Agencies

Thanks to FITC for this clever but eerily relevant sci-fi scenario of the death of the last ad agency on earth. The thing is – they pretty much hit the nail on the head. Many “creative firms” are scared to actually get creative any more. And that, my friends, may be the death of them.

Why? Because consumers’ media habits and access to that media are changing rapidly. We’re not the same captive audience that we used to be. If you’re familiar with the acronyms TiVo and DVR, or you’ve ever been exposed to a YouTube video, then my point has been made.

Effective marketing today has got to be about not doing the same old stuff. It’s got to be about STANDING OUT. We’ve been saying it for a long, long time. Still not convinced? Watch this video! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you.

2010 List of Growing Companies

In 2010 many local organizations chose MOS Creative to help them increase their marketability. These companies are positioned for major growth in 2011.

Here are a few of the companies that are greeting 2011 with a plan for growth:

1. Torri’s Legal Services

Micro site
Email Campaign

2. WHFL Law


3. The Go-Kart Track

TV and Online Commercial

4. Centech

Digital Presentation
Updated Logo

5. ESI

Marketing Materials
Custom Signage
Trademark Development

6. MD Pet Gazette

Online Magazine

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