Throwback Thursday – Spring Swing for the Cure!

Blast from the past! We would just like to highlight some of the older stuff we’ve done. A project from the past, if you will.

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we want to highlight a project that was involved with breast cancer awareness. This week, we want to talk about Spring Swing For The Cure! This was a golf tournament back in 2008, to raise funding for the fight against breast cancer. We got the chance to design their logo, businesscard and do a booklet as well.

Here, we included a breast cancer awareness ribbon as a base, then played with combining green and pink.

With the businesscard, We kept going with the green and pink colors, by including a shot of a golf course’s grass.


The booklet for the event was the best part of this project. We kept the green/pink combo and the close-up of the golf course elements. My favorite part is how the green swoops going up the page seem to be coming from the golfer in the logo’s swing.

Here is a spread of some pages of the book.


This was a fun, productive project that went towards a great cause.

 We here at MOS Creative loved this project, and hope to do more just like it.

-The MOS Creative team.

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