Back to Basics: What is your Marketing Objective?

When it comes to this whole marketing thing, do you sometimes feel like you’re in over your head? Maybe you’re new to the “branding” concept? You hear so much talk about “engaging your audience” via Facebook and social media, but are you completely lost in where to even start?

I’m not surprised. Go ahead, just try Googling “marketing ideas.” You’ll get 40,200,000 search results.

Talk about information overload. No wonder most business owners don’t even want to think about their marketing, so they put it off for as long as possible. I’m thinking you need a little direction. Am I right?

I’m gonna level with you – doing it right is not as easy as it looks. That’s why there are millions of professional marketing firms out there. And for the most part, the professionals will do a good job for you. But whether you’re coming up with the creative ideas, or you’re paying someone else to do it for you, you should NEVER go into your own marketing strategy blindly. It’s EXTREMELY important that you get involved. After all, who knows your clients, your product and your company’s needs and goals better than you do?

So before you delve into the details of how often to Tweet and which keywords to base your SEO around, let’s start with the basics. I just want to get your feet wet and get you thinking. Always start by figuring out what your marketing OBJECTIVE is. Everything else will come from there.

What’s your Objective?

1. Awareness – Potential customers must know of, or be reminded of your existence, your location, your product, your price range, and what makes you stand out from the competition

2. Build Contact List – Your mailing list is like gold. It’s what you rely on for promoting any campaign, and it takes a lot of nurturing to build and keep.

3. Get Involved – Your business is not soul-less. Companies are made up of people, and people like to patronize companies that they know go out of their way to help other people. Your company’s positive image reinforces the perception that you are genuinely caring and sharing.

4. Staff Incentives – A cared for and happy team makes for a harmonious, smooth operation. Customers can tell when your employees don’t want to be there. Think about the grouchy, frowning cashier at the supermarket. Make sure your employees feel appreciated!

5. Excitement – This is the kind of energy and excitement that makes you stand out from the competition. This is when you need to turn on your thinking cap and come up with some really creative promotions.

6. Frequency – When you’re trying to be “the place to go.” This is a brand loyalty thing, and keeping them coming as frequently as possible.

7. Publicity – For this one you’ve got to be interesting and newsworthy. Maybe you’re doing BIG things for the community, or you’re doing something so completely out of the box that it’s a story too good to pass up.

8. Generate Traffic - Simply getting people in the door or on the website is your goal here. Contests are great for this! You want to get potential customers to complete some sort of action, whether it’s entering the contest or downloading a form.

9. Branding – Image is everything. Period. If you don’t define your company and your brand, the market will define it for you. And that’s never what you want!

10. Increase Sales – a.k.a. Up-selling – This is every CEO’s favorite! From the sneaky but ingenious psychological tactics (a la putting candy, gum and magazines in the grocery checkout line) to having an in-depth understanding of how your industry works, there are really unlimited opportunities to do this one.

11. Creating Activity - Most industries have their “slow” periods during the year, but that’s not set in stone. This is where you will get creative to make the slow season profitable.

12. Trial Offer – Who’s gonna turn down a free sample? Come on, you’ll love it. This is when you really want to get those potential customers who are living on the edge to finally make the plunge – but without any of the risk.

(Great list compiled by Tom Feltenstein – And if you’re looking for a good book on the basics, try Tom’s “Encyclopedia of 401 Proven Killer Promotional Tactics”)

Meet Serge! He’s Baltimore’s top Web Developer

Serhiy Z.

Hardworking Web developer

One Craigslist ad later, and he’s been here for 2.5 years!

Office Nickname: “Serge” – like those nifty serge protectors for your computer… get it??

First thinkg he does every morning: Caffeine. Don’t talk to him until he’s had his pot of Joe.

Guilty pleasure: Sci-fi. We second that notion!

Favorite spot in the world: His Family’s house. After all, home is where the heart is.

Where he’ll be in 5 years: Running his own company between jaunts to dream vacation spot, Bora Bora.

Favorite thing about MOS: Our team! Thanks Serge, we love you too.

Celebrity crush: Katrina Law

Motto: ” To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.”  The old fake it till you make it works for us too.

Are They Doing It Right?

Social advertising in the 21st century is a necessary tool for any successful company. With SOOOOOOO many mobile web design companies emerging from the woodwork -  and with good reason, I mean this industry is growing by the minute! – You have to ask yourself one question… Are they doing it right?

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There’s no question, we’re definitely doing it right!

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2010 List of Growing Companies

In 2010 many local organizations chose MOS Creative to help them increase their marketability. These companies are positioned for major growth in 2011.

Here are a few of the companies that are greeting 2011 with a plan for growth:

1. Torri’s Legal Services

Micro site
Email Campaign

2. WHFL Law


3. The Go-Kart Track

TV and Online Commercial

4. Centech

Digital Presentation
Updated Logo

5. ESI

Marketing Materials
Custom Signage
Trademark Development

6. MD Pet Gazette

Online Magazine

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Four things you need to know about your prospects

four things marketers need to know about their prospectsDo you have high hopes for your marketing campaign? Of course you do, why would you put time, money and loads of effort into a plan that you expected to fail? With great idealism you look forward to the moment when the leads start rushing in. The problem is, they don’t. So what went wrong?

Most marketing pieces make one classic mistake – they don’t address the consumer’s problems. If you don’t present them with their problem, do prospective clients have an incentive to respond? Before you plan your next email campaign, direct mail piece or online campaign, consider the following…

Four things you need to know about your prospects:

  1. They are skeptical. Chances are they’ve had bad experiences and been burned by others making promises in the past. You have to earn their trust.
  2. They want professional guidance. If they knew how to do it they wouldn’t be searching for answers in the first place, d’uhh! Offer a little bit of knowledge and detailed instructions on how to take the next steps. Continue reading

Groupon: Google, you can’t have everything

Groupon rejects Google takeoverSo the latest buzz is, of course, all about the two big G’s: Groupon vs. Google.

It’s a battle for the new business age. An interesting duel that has no doubt left Google with a bitter taste in its mouth after Groupon’s rumored rejection of the search monster’s $6 billion bid.

Take a second to think about what I just said – Just two years into existence, this rookie online local marketing phenom has built an empire that Google (which pretty much runs the world at this point) is willing to offer $6 billion to own. Which means that the nice people at Google probably think Groupon is worth even more than that – or at least to them it would be.

They may still publicly be going through negotiations, but we think the subtext sounds a lot more like this…

Groupon: Na na nana na! No deal!

Google: Well sh*t!!

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