A World of Tweets

Have you ever wondered how many people were tweeting right this very second? What about now? Frog Design recently launched a site showing Twitter activity all over the world. Seems like it would be pretty busy huh?

Their new site shows the activity with a heat map based on activity all over the world. As you watch the map over a course of several minutes you can see the hot spots for twitter. It seems that the US, Europe, and Indonesia are clearly the tweet addicts. The site also shows statistics of tweets from the time you opened the page, stats for the current day and also the history since November 1st 2010. They also show a chart of the top 20 countries that tweet and going more in depth of the top tweeters in each continent.

They have created some pretty cool interactivity with the map using HTML 5 and it’s exciting to watch for a few minutes…or to leave on for a few hours. As of right now the United States is the world leader with 36.06% of tweets.

Well you can see for yourself at http://aworldoftweets.frogdesign.com/

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