Cutout Animation: Cartoon Puppetry!

While there are many different styles of animation, one of the most-utilized and quickest styles is Cutout Animation, also known as Flash animation because of the program that’s used to create it. It’s a great way to bring characters to life with a rather fast turnaround. It’s no wonder that many animated television series use it. If it’s good enough for TV, it’s good enough for your marketing campaign.

We’ve done many of these in the past. If you remember our articles about our projects with Foodem and Bumblejunk, you’ll know how good we are at it! Here’s another example of our work, with Mosaic Power! Meet Mo!

The way this animation technique works is all the graphics are pre-drawn. Faces, hands, mouths, eyes—every motion a character will make. The result of that is a Character Puppet, or a Character Rig. The puppet can be reused over and over again, to make it look like it’s constantly moving, even though it’s repeated drawings. Neat little trick! This also perpetuates a feeling of consistency and legitimacy. It’s beneficial if you have an idea in mind that involves characters, but you don’t have any available actors to portray them in a commercial. Cutout Animation is the vehicle that’ll bring your ideas to life!

As stated above, many cartoons on television employ this tactic. Some of the more famous examples are Archer, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dan Vs, and Brickleberry. The characters run the gamut of motion, while in actuality, these are re-used graphics, over and over. It’s beautiful and fun to watch, just as it is fun to make. (Honestly, some of our favorite projects were cutout animation.)

Since this is such a popular style, it’s very likely that people will latch onto commercials done in this manner. That, mixed with the popularity of youtube, our SEO, and just a dash of creativity, a cutout commercial will be beneficial to ANY marketing campaign. Remember, animation is able to do whatever you want, and is 100% editable. Cutout animation is no different! So perfecting an animated video for you is just one of the many things we at MOS Creative are proud to do! We see a production from conception to completion, all in-house! Pretty versatile if you ask me! Give us a shout and see what we’re about!

Let’s make beauty together. We want to help you stand OUT! So let’s get to work!

Here’s 3 quick reasons why Cutout Animation might be the perfect fit for you and your business:

1. Puppets.
Prepared puppets are a great alternative to having an animator draw a new drawing every single frame, like traditional animation. It can get completed in days-to-weeks, rather than years!

2. Puppets take the place of live actors.
If you have an idea but no actors to help out, then it’s just a voiceover and a puppet or two away from being realized!

3. Re-utilization.
These puppets can be used over and over again. If you have multiple campaigns and want to keep your character appearing throughout, then it’s no problem. We can pop the puppet back in, and make it do some awesome moves for ya!

Our thing is that we love helping you stand out. That’s just what we do, and we’re happy to do it for you. Let’s chat and see how we can bring your ideas into this world!

-The MOS Creative team.


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