MOS Creative’s Monthly Meetup 2!: Logos!

Hey there! It’s that time again. Time for MOS Creative’s Montly Meetup! We just wanted to check in with you, teach you something, offer our services, and hold a contest! Check out the video below for how to win!



That’s right, just comment on Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn to win! Be our favorite by not only getting the answer right, but also making us laugh, cry, or simply scratch our heads in confusion. But now, onto LOGOS!

If you’re a reader of this blog, as you should be, we spoke about logos previously. Here, we go more in-depth—trying to find out what makes a good, effective, memorable logo. Consider this post "Logos 2: The Rebranding" :D


Logos date back to ancient Roman and Greek coins. What were inscribed onto them were images of leaders, gods, and memorable symbols. Each design was done simply and recognizably—just as successful logos are today.

 I wanna collect them all!

But what makes a good recognizable, and distinguishable logo? Well, you need to ask yourself, “What’s my company stand for?” mixed with a dash of, “What do I want to convey about myself/company/product?” You don’t want a jeweler with a logo looking like a metal band’s album cover. Well, that might actually be kind of cool… maybe not.

 Oh, this little thing? I got it down at Awakened Demon Jewelery!


A logo should fit your company. A logo should convey the attitude you want to convey. If you’re a lightbulb manufacturer, you’d probably want a logo that focuses on brightness, sleekness, and life of your product.


There’s got to be another reason why a good logo is a good logo. Is it maybe… mathematic? Well, yes it is! There’s a mathematical ratio proposed by Dr. Gustav Theodore Fechner that lays out a blueprint that focuses on balance and visual harmony.


It’s called the Golden Ratio.


Many logos follow it. Here’s just a few:






Thank you Banskt for the helpful info!

Get a hold of us at MOS Creative and we'll make a logo for you!

-The MOS Creative Team

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