Video Advertising Comes To Instagram: Our Thoughts.

Is Instagram two times better than Twitter? Two and a half times better to be precise. Instagram announced yesterday that they will be entering direct competition with Twitter by releasing their new Video function attached to their popular app. This means users can now record and share 15 second videos with a variety of filters and edit. This is in comparison to Twitter’s six second videos. (15/6=2.5 see what we did there?)

Keep reading and we’ll discuss how this is going to help businesses connect with their followers and build engagement.

Inst. Video Img The big question of course is how us creatives and businesses are going to use this.

Think about it this way. TV commercials work, they have always worked, and that’s why people keep paying for them. But, they are expensive, and only on one “device”, the TV.

Instagram, and also Vine have opened us up to do free, opt in TV advertising on people’s social channels.

Think about it this way:

Say you are a restaurant and you got a group of people to like you for a free appetizer. Those people are opted in now. They are going to see your posts (most of them). You have been talking about special deals, event nights etcetera. But, they are not biting and you can not figure out why all this social media talk isn’t giving you what you expected.

With this new avenue you can put teaser videos out, fun videos, behind the scenes videos, and straight up advertising videos. This is the kind of content that gets people talking and sharing and frankly, caring about your brand. The numbers are great, they are actually 100% more engaged  according to the Adobe Digital Video Benchmark.

Expect to see engagement rates and subsequent conversions soar for brands who take advantage of video advertising and content on Instagram and Vine.

TV is expensive, but we just got our hands on free, opt in video advertising where people are spending their time (Social Media). Let’s not waste this opportunity.

Need a professional video done? Get in touch, we would love to help. Now is a perfect time before this new channel is saturated.



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