Meet Shawn: Baltimore’s #1 Business Man

Shawn H.

Almost two months into his stint at MOS Creative, and Shawn’s hanging with the big dogs as our ¬†VP of Business Development, capturing the attention of some major clients!

First thing he does in the AM: Make coffee! This caffeine  addict can smell a good pot before it even touches his lips.

Guiltiest pleasure: How I met Your Mother - he’s definitely a Ted.

How he D.W.I.L.s (Do What I Love): Talk to this guy for a few minutes and you’ll understand why networking with new people gets him in the zone!

Something we’d be surprised to hear: The former fast-food junkie is on a serious health mission. Long runs and healthier choices have helped him shed over 70lbs and stay fit!

Last thing he does at night: Meditate. A quiet mind is a happy one!

Personal style in 3 words: Casual. Refined. Edgy. Think Drew Carey meets Blink 182.

Favorite hot spot: Razorback’s Bar and Grill in Towson. Who could pass up those ribs??

Life’s motto: “Read the fucking manual.” Basically, you have to take responsibility for all of your shortcomings because success depends on the opportunities you create.

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