Meet Greg, Baltimore’s Best Web Developer!

Greg P.

Web Developer

This coding whiz is celebrating his 5-month MOS-iversary, just in time to enjoy all of the newest Facebook updates before the rest of us get access!

Favorite food: Don’t let his penchant for Chinese food fool you, this guy loves the healthy stuff- especially grilled chicken.

Guiltiest pleasure: He can’t get enough of the classics, classic Spider Man and X-men.

How he D.W.I.Ls (Do What I Love): Creating unique websites and boning up on his Social Media skills.

Dream vacation spot: He’s just your typical California dreamer – LA is the next stop for this laid back bra’.

Favorite thing about MOS: Anything goes here – the relaxed environment helps him get in the “zone”.

His personal style in a nutshell: “Jeans and T-shirt” some pretty stylin’ jeans and T-shirts, that is.

His Celebrity Crush: Megan Fox, watch out Mr. Green.

Life’s Motto: “Work hard, play hard” -something everyone on the team can relate to!

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