We’re Movin’ On Up! To a bigger office in Columbia

In case you haven’t heard, we MOVED – consider this your official change of address post card.

While we are still getting things settled over here, the move was pretty painless, now we have time to site back and focus on the fun stuff , like what to include in our new wall mural, or maybe just squeeze in some QT time with our favorite clients.

With September just around the corner, moving season is in full swing. Over the years, our office has jumped shipped more  than once, so consider us the experts on feng shui fundamentals. When it comes to turning a new space into a happy place – there’s just 5 things you’ve got to remember.

1. Keep it organized.

Do yourself a favor and pack smart, then UNPACK smarter! Organize everything into separate boxes by room and specific supply.

For example, the coffee maker and coffee filters can go in one box labeled: “Kitchen – drinks”. Include boxes of tea, containers of sugar, anything that you would need to fix your AM cup of choice.

Now when you get to your new place, you can drop off boxes in their designated area and unpack them one room at a time.

2. Get nice and comfy in your 2nd home.

With as many hours as we spend at our awesome new office, it’s clear where the our team’s second home is – we’re sure you feel the same way. So why not make it as enjoyable to hang out in as your actual home?

Step away from super stark walls and generic office furniture and mix it up! Depending on your field and personal style, you can create a variety of options. Look around at local vintage stores for unique pieces and even bring in some of your favorite tchotchkes from home.

The more inviting your space is, the less you’ll mind spending late nights perfecting your newest project.

3. Let there be light.

If you are lucky enough to have an excess of outside light and large windows, embrace it all you can! Use minimal shades and plant your desk to face your scenic view while you work.

If you’re stuck in a dungeon every day, you can still fake some natural bliss. Put up a photo of  your favorite nature-scape and start stocking up on those megawatt bulbs by the barrel.

4. Get Colorful!

No matter how much you crave that immaculately stark space, adding a pop of color is sure to brighten everyone’s day.

Choose something fun and unexpected, like a bold red or a neon green. Including little hints of color in side tables, throw pillows, or even a vase of flowers, is just what the design doctor ordered.

5. Set boundaries for inside voices.

For any company, large or small, with designated teams for sales, marketing, even receptionist area, it is so important to divide and conquer. At our new office, we’ve done just that.

Everyone that needs a phone is tucked away in their own, beautiful little office space, while us tech nerds are herded together ( a la Social Network style) at one giant table, so we can easily toss around ideas and help each other out on intermingling projects.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite design blogs for sprucing up your own space. Pad Style, Design Sponge, and Decor8.

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