Getcha’ Buzz On – How healthy are your instant energy fixes?

Every creative genius knows that a boost of  brilliance can come at any time. It could be the wee hours of the night or at the early glimpses of sunrise. But let’s be real – the rest of the world just doesn’t seem to get it.

So what’s a hot shot, slim bot like yourself supposed to do when you feel yourself turn into the grim reaper around the office water cooler at 2 p.m.? Pick your poison – sugar or caffeine. Let’s run the stats on your energy boost options…

The Energy Drink:

These high-sugar, acid filled, cans of sugar are your worst option for an afternoon pick me up. Brands like Red Bull and Monster will hype you up with the excess caffeine for a few hours, but you’ll pay the price with a killer crash. Unless your looking to take a snooze on the copy machine – skip it!

The 5 Hour Energy Shot:

The marketing for these little babies are really what’s keeping them on the shelves. Yes energy shots are low in calories, but they are jammed packed with all sorts of toxic mysteries and only offer about the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. On the up side, you can avoid the crash altogether because the one thing you won’t find on that laundry list of chemicals is sugar. Use sparingly.

The Average Cup of Joe:

Believe it or not, a regular cup of coffee is probably your best bet for a little kick in the pants. Having one cup of coffee earlier on in the day keeps you focused, and even helps stave off certain types of cancers and heart disease (so they say). Just be careful what you add to that pure organic blend – pile on the sugar, caramel syrup,= and extra whip, and you may as well grab a box of donuts and a pillow.

Bottom line: if your art-filled all nighter gets you jonzing for a fix, go for some coffee and try to gulp it down in the earlier part of your day. Even eight hours after your first sip, traces can still be found in your system. Too much of a happy coffee buzz can force even the nicest person’s witch switch to make the flip.

If you’re feeling super sluggish, take a look at your diet – eating smaller, healthier meals 5x a day and drinking tons of water can bring you back to life!

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