5 Things that Will SAVE Your Life

With the onset of mobile technology, social media marketing, and all things app related, now is the time to do a little revamping to your web persona and assure your place in fan base all-stardom. Use our checklist to make sure you’ve got the power, the staying power that is.

1. Mobilize

With the creation of the ipad, the nook, and all those other smart devices making our book bags a little lighter, surfing the web on anything else is like voluntarily putting yourself  back in the Zach Attack Era of technology. Mobile sites give us all exactly what we’re looking for within a fraction of the time it takes on those older sites, ones crafted way back in 2009.  If you are one of those Saved By the Bell supporters who hasn’t bothered to update your old interface to a simplified cell compatible version, you need to get a grip! Times are a changin’, and fast. If you want to continue to satisfy your online users you need to build a mobile site plain and simple.

2. Liquify Your Assets

Once you make the change to a mobile site, you have got to make that solid piece of web a little more liquid. Standard websites utilize so many nuances that involve mouse hovering, drop down menus, keyboard short cuts, etc. – all of which cannot be accessed through touchscreen technology. If you want anyone to stay on your website for longer than six seconds, you have to make it easy enough for a four year old to use. Liquid layers takes all of that into consideration by cutting out any type of menu or navigation system that requires more than a pointer finger.

3. Social Media Manifesto

You may think this seems a little too obvious, but it’s not – we promise. We all know how important it is to incorporate social media into your business plan and make it a daily part of your marketing efforts, but beyond that you need to see how all of your efforts are paying off. You wouldn’t go to the gym and run around for an hour without tracking how far you went, would you? If you would, then you must not care about your body at all – same goes for measuring social media marketing impact. Companies are rolling out new programs dedicated to measuring your impact through every single character in your 140 word long whipper snapper. Hootsuite, Spredfast and Google Analytics, are some of our favorites.

4. Local Yocals

Maybe you’re a national company and you think your little town of  Nonexistent, Pennsylvania has no interest in what you’re selling – ya wrong! They do, they really do! Localizing your brand, no matter where you are, ultimately aids with brand recognition and your level of comfort with all of your users/customers. You’ll pop-up more frequently on Google Maps, search engines, and every kind of app that your business might be included in. Watch as your fan base starts to revel Gaga’s loyal little monsters.

5. Live it Live!

With constant feed updates from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, everyone wants their news and they want it now! We’ll all seen the live Twitter feeds that make their way onto blog pages, but if you want to stay on top of your game, you’ll need to incorporate all of your news into some sweet sidebar action. Video blogging? Filming your own TV show? Blast it live! The more tidbits you give your followers, the more likely they are to come back on a frequent basis.

Now stop reading this blog and go fix your own!

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