Big Things Come From Small Steps

Here is a story that couldn’t possibly be passed up. A four-year old Australian girl named Aelita Andre is being dubbed the next “Picasso.” Ever since she was little, she would draw and paint like any child. But her ordinary childhood scribbles were not so common. Both her parents are artists and could see that her drawings are more complex and have more depth for someone that is so young. The following video shows her unique abilities that make her the prodigy of color.

“The Prodigy of Color is Aelita’s first solo show in New York City. It opens on June 4, 2011 and continues until June 25, 2011. The opening reception will take place on June 4, 2011, the same day that the exhibition opens, and as always entrance is free and we encourage all art-lovers who can make it to come and experience this genuinely remarkable event.” –Agora Art Blog

What we can all take away from this story is that no matter how old, experienced or aware you are, you must start out small to make something big and worthwhile. It’s easy to be impulsive but it’s more rewarding to really nourish something to its greatest potential. Whether it’s inborn or learned, mediocre or excellent, it’s yours. That’s unique in its very own.

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