And the Award Goes To…

IKEA has been named advertiser of the year, again!

The Advertiser of the Year trophy was presented to Noel Wijsmans, global retail manager and VP of Ikea Group. The 58th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has awarded IKEA for inspiring innovative products and distinguishing themselves from other companies with their witty, creative and humorous ads.

IKEA first won a Lion in 1991 for the Ünboring Lamp and since then has been collecting over 50 Lions and millions of fans across the globe. Known for their fun, quirky, and memorable advertising, IKEA has been the foundation to humor-induced marketing and tactics for quite some time.

“Ikea’s approach to its marketing and communications, with its decentralized structure and strong relationships with many different kinds of agencies, has been hugely successful over many years,” said Philip Thomas, Cannes Lions CEO. “The company’s superb track record at Cannes reveals a clarity of vision and an enviable willingness to allow its agencies to truly flex their creative muscles.”  – Ad Age

Here are a few examples of IKEA’s work:
1. Using Facebook to promote products

2. Releasing 100 cats and kittens at an IKEA in the UK and watch them settle into the various comfortable nooks and crannies. OMG! Soooooooooooo CUTE!

3. They also released updated lullabies by famous musicians.

CONGRATULATIONS IKEA! Here’s to many more!

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