A Word From The Wise

Meet Max. MOS Creative President & CEO

Meet Max’s TOP 10 IDEAS for making your company stand out:

1. Have a clear message.
2. Grab attention with comical and witty advertising.
3. Be unique – be that purple cow, nothing will get faster word of mouth.
4. Use social media – no, seriously… Use it!
5. The company must have a positive and open personality.
6. Be creative. Be Original.
7. Have good customer service – nothing is more important and basic.
8. Know the demographic you’re selling to – introduce a service or product to the innovators of that niche and market.
9. The usefulness of your product and its ability to truly help clients.
10. Some may never think of this but some really good products go unnoticed because of improper placement. Make sure your placement is seen in the appropriate location (outside, internet, mobile)!

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