Guerilla Marketing: Fun & Effective

Guerilla Marketing is one of the coolest ideas that have come up within the 20th century. Jay Levinson coined the term “guerilla marketing” and it has taken off since then. Large companies, small companies and even non-profit organizations use guerilla tactics to increase revenue and even awareness. It relies heavily on unconventional methods and relies even more heavily on creative imagination.

Some non-traditional methods include reverse graffiti (clean pavement adverts), undercover (hidden messages) and experiential (interaction with the product).

Here areĀ  some examples:

UNICEF Foundation for Water Awareness: Buying Dirty Water to Help Others Receive Clean Water

Real Hip Hop

Supermarket Carts Depicting Hungry Children, Hunger Awareness Program

Stick On Anti Smoking Stickers for Exhausts

Anti Cellulite cream from Nivea

Bus Grips Depicting Advertised Watches

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on The Street

Awareness for Homelessness

Kit Kat Break Bench

Which one was your favorite?

If you would like to see more photos such as these, please visit this great blog.

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