You Say Tomato, We Say “Brilliant”

So how do you take a well-known product that has been collecting dust at your local supermarket and turn it into the sensation of a marketing campaign? Let your consumers do all the work!

That is exactly what Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv did for Israel’s most beloved food brand, Elite. In Hebrew, there are two ways to say “Wafer.” Just like you can say “tomato” or “tohmato” in English. So the proper way to say “Wafer” is “Vafel” and then there is the slang version, “Bafel.” Click on the image and see how these two little words created a phenomenon that has yet to be forgotten.

Here are the highlights of the best moments in Elite’s Vafel vs. Bafel campaign:

>”Bafel” was the first consumer inspired product name change in Israel’s history!

>Over 1 Million votes were cast in a nation of only 7 million people!

>320 media mentions worth over $1000000!

>After just 3.5 weeks of campaigning, sales went up by 33.8% selling over one million units!

So, did you answer the question? Which do you prefer, Vafel or Bafel?

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