Google Places: Where Am I?

Whether you know what it is or not you’ve probably used it.  Google Places is essentially just one more way for businesses to STAND OUT.

When you search for a business or even an industry using Google often times Google Places will work its magic.  Sometimes on a Google search you will see Google Maps appear with listings of companies or stores which you are searching for.  Sometimes these businesses are “claimed” while other times they are not.

When you claim your business you become much easier for people to find. You can verify your correct information with Google and they will display your hours of operation, location, contact information, as well as customer reviews.  This is another great tool to engage with customers as you can post photos of your business, products, or work you’ve completed.  You can also update the listing with new offers and it’s a great place for potential consumers and regulars to interact.   As you may already know, these listings can be extremely beneficial to business.

So you just looked up your business and found some of your top competitors ranked way ahead of you and you are nowhere to be seen.  Well we’ve got some tips to help you out:

-Use your company name in your address listing.  In the Google Places algorithm one of the biggest areas they key on is address listings.  Where links have anchor text, address listings should have a company name.  Doing this will help put you on the map…no pun intended.

-Include a normal href link.  After listing your company name with your address you should include a link to your website.  This link should be entered the same way as your verified Google Places listing.  This will provide you with the finishing touch you need to verify the listing is for your company.

-Use standard categories when describing your business.  On the Google Places page typically you can only list up to give categories which your business handles.  So there are no need to go into specific areas if you end up leaving others out.  For instance, if you look on the MOS Creative Google Places page, we list “Public Relations Firm, Website Designer, Marketing Agency, Graphic Designer, Advertising Agency, and Internet Marketing Service.”  We handle each of these things but you can pick apart each category and turn things into sub categories. We have designed logos, business cards, posters, and many other things.  Each of these sub categories can be simply defined by “Graphic Design.” Since you have a limited number of categories be general with your selection.

-Work on local link building efforts.  Typically you would just settle for a link on other sites and listings.  It will work wonders for you on Google Places if you increase your efforts to not only include a link but also your address.  Peter van der Graff from Search Engine Watch states “besides business directories, contact industry authorities and encourage them to place great advertorials on your business, including your address.”  Graff states “where sites might be wary to place a dofollow link, an address will never be a problem.”

Combining each of these efforts will really help your business’ ranking on Google Places.  Just another way that MOS can help you STAND OUT!

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