Looking to Blend in With the Crowd?

MOS Creative strives to make you STAND OUT.  But maybe that isn’t your goal.  Maybe you want to get lost in the crowd, and if so, we’ve got advice for that too.

Here’s how to NOT stand out:

-When choosing a name for your business, choose a name that means nothing at all. Think about how many company names you know of that sound like “Global Technology Solutions” or “X & Y Associates.”  Maybe simple names like this do mean something to you, but what do they say about your company?  Well, not much really.  So if you don’t want to STAND OUT, then by all means take this route.

-Be vague. When explaining what your business does and how you operate be generic.  If you want to be lost in the crowd there is no reason to get into specifics.  You can simply go with something along the lines “We provide your business with products and solutions while cutting costs.”  If that doesn’t sound like most others in the crowd, then I don’t know what does.

-Be obvious with your slogan. Many businesses go with sayings like “We Mean Business” or “Low cost, high quality.”  Maybe these are too flamboyant for you? Well you can always mirror a competitor’s idea.  If it worked for them, it might work for you!

Okay, time to get serious now.  Why would you want your business to get lost in the crowd? Well you wouldn’t.  When a potential client looks to find more information about your business you want them to remember you.  You want them to understand exactly what you can accomplish and how you can help.   Let’s say they read your website for “X & Y Associates” and how you vaguely describe your services but you “Mean Business.”  They won’t take anything away from your site and in their mind it will blend in with all of the other sites just like yours.  As a business you cannot afford to get lost in the crowd.  Find ways to STAND OUT.

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