Twitter Tips: How to get ReTweeted

The power of Twitter is undeniable.  You have the ability to connect and share your thoughts with thousands of others in an instant right at your fingertips.  Equally as important is the power of the ReTweet.   When your tweet is passed along to another’s followers your message has extended beyond your market reach.  More often than not, the people who follow us have a different group of followers themselves.  So by them pushing your message out you can reach a whole new realm of readers or listeners, or whatever it is you are looking for.

So how can you get your tweets ReTweeted?  There is no exact science but here are a few tips which will help you along the way!

1. Use proper ReTweet etiquette.

-Twitter allows for us to share 140 characters.  If you want people to share your content use at most 120 characters.  This allows others to comment on your tweet while ReTweeting it.

-Do not begin a ReTweet with the “@” symbol.  This will then appear as a reply message not a ReTweet.

-Always, Always, Always give credit where credit is due.  For example, if you want to ReTweet a post from @MosCreative, ReTweet the link and include “via @MosCreative.”

2. Tweet links.

-ReTweeting is all about link sharing.  57% of all ReTweets share links.  Therefore the more tweets where you include links, the more likely you are to be ReTweeted.

3. Use some of the “Most ReTweeted Words”

-You, Twitter, Please, ReTweet, Post, Blog, Social, Free, Media, Help, Please ReTweet, Great, Social Media. These are the top 13 words found in ReTweets.

4. Offer Value

-People will be more inclined to share your content if it is something valuable.  If you created an instructional video, posted a blog about breaking news, or spread the word about freebies or a contest, this is what people will want to read.  Share it!

5. Ask.

-Simply by asking for a ReTweet will greatly improve your chances.  As you can see in some of the “Most ReTweeted Words” are “Please”, “ReTweet” and “Please ReTweet.”  Without asking, a tweet is only ReTweeted .06% of the time.  When asking for a ReTweet that number jumps to over 5.5% Ask and you shall receive.

Share your thoughts, tips, and your own ReTweet advice below!

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