Super Bowl XLV: Ad Winners and Losers

Super Bowl XLV, the world’s second largest sporting event, was quite the eventful evening.  Besides the messed up National Anthem, a ridiculous halftime show, and fans without seats, it was a great Super Bowl.  On a night where companies spend millions of dollars for 30 seconds of your attention, some seemed to win us over while others fell flat on their face.

The Winners:

Doritos-House Sitting

Doritos has created some great ads over the years and that didn’t change this time around.  In this spot, Doritos have the power of bringing things back to life from a dead fish, a wilting plant, even a grandfather from his ashes.

Volkswagen-The Force

Volkswagen really hit the nail on the head with this one.  Already with over 15 million views on YouTube this ad really caught the attention of many.  A six year old tries out his super powers as he suits up in a Darth Vader costume only to find he is having a bit of trouble, that is until he comes across a Volkswagen Passat.

Chrysler-Imported From Detroit

This was my favorite ad of the entire evening.  Interestingly enough, nothing about this ad was funny, as it was completely serious.  Sporting the slogan “Imported from Detroit” this ad creates a strong emotional appeal to American citizens.

The Losers:

Go Rivers

Quite notorious for horrible Super Bowl ads, Go Daddy did not disappoint again.  Each year they parade Danica Patrick out hoaxing people to think she will pose nude on their website.  Each year thousands if not millions flock to the site only to leave dissatisfied.  Well this year they brought out another star along with Danica Patrick, Joan Rivers.  And no, Joan Rivers did not make me want to visit their site.


This had to be one of the worst ads of the Super Bowl.  Groupon gets their business solely from the internet.  The internet can generate buzz like none other which sometimes turns into fireworks while other times it’s a dud.  Last week we saw the lesson Kenneth Cole learned from his social media mistake.  Last night Groupon’s ad made light of Tibet and their culture which many have perceived to be a slap in the face.

What were your thoughts on the Super Bowl ads?  Who were your winners and losers?  Did the Tibet commercial cross the line? Let us know below!

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