Who are your brand loyalists and what do they do for you?

Let’s take a look at Apple.  Everyone knows they have one of the largest loyal fan bases across the globe.  Think about it.  Just about every product they launch, people will be waiting in line hours before the release date.  We saw this happen most recently with the iPad but also with the iPhone and various iPods.  These people who are always itching for the latest release are a company’s brand loyalists.  They are the ones waiting outside in the rain before your store opens or the ones always interested in new products, company news, or just frequent customers.

How can you distinguish your loyal customers from the average one?  Often times the loyal customers will find you.  They visit your company on a regular basis or call from time to time just to check in.  Some may blog about your business or products, while others will talk about your on social media.  You can also look through your customer database to see which customers have made purchases on a regular basis for the longest time span.  If you are still struggling to find your loyal customers you may have to get creative.  You could always create a survey with specific questions helping you narrow down your search for your loyal customers.

What can brand loyalists do for you?  Well, we are all brand loyalists to something whether it’s Apple, Nike, or the local coffee shop down the street.  It is extremely important for your business to engage your best customers.  Brand loyalists will focus on at least 80% of the messages you send them. Research has shown that your loyalists are interested in what you send the even if they don’t plan on purchasing anything.  Now that’s a customer you want to keep!

Brand loyalists are also those who read and watch your company’s every move, or at least it seems that way.  They are the ones who click through your site on a regular basis to read news and updates.  They want to familiarize themselves with deals or specials you offer so that when they make their next purchase they can get the best deal possible.  Because of this, they will not directly respond to each message or sale your campaign.  They will wait for specific deals such as free shipping or an annual holiday sale where everything in your store is half price.

Loyalists will be the ones who will connect with your company on social sites.  They will “follow” you on Twitter and “like” you on Facebook.  Those who love your brand are always searching for new content from your company.  You must be sure that you are willing and able to put time into these customers.  Once you connect with them on social media they are going to try to talk with you.  They may comment about a new product or give suggestion to existing products to make them better. Don’t leave them hangin’.

Remember, these customers are ones where you have basically become part of who they are.  They will recommend your products or services to friends, family, and colleagues.  Look at some of the brands which you are loyal to.  See how you react to news, products, or mailings.  You can use your own knowledge and experiences to benefit your business.

What brands are you most loyal to and what do you to do stay in their loop?

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