Conan’s back: and surfing the social wave

i'm with coco, conan o'brienMost of you know the story about Conan and how he was kicked off The Tonight Show only months after he became the host.  What you may or may not know is the new Conan.  He will be hosting his own show on TBS starting in early November, but he has already captivated an audience of millions before his show has hit their airwaves.  From viral marketing videos to his own blimp he has caught the attention of many and his most recent stunt may be the biggest of them all.

The Live Coco Cam was up and running for 24 consecutive hours last Monday and Tuesday.  The webcam was placed in the corner of a stairwell at their office to give viewers a “behind-the-scenes” experience.   Whether it was the dancing taco or the binge eating contest or any other random skit performed by the interns at the office, it sure was an experience.  The best part was that users were able to post comments on the site and staff members would read them and come onto the webcam and answer certain ones.  It really became an experience for everyone involved.

Before Conan was kicked off The Tonight Show he did little to interact and engage with his fans online.  But now he has a Facebook page and a Twitter account which has only added fuel to his fire.  He has taken his marketing efforts to a whole new level and with over 1.75 million followers on Twitter, people are listening.

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