Video of the week: The Twit Network

So we’ve all heard by now about the soon-to-be summer blockbuster, “The Social Network” – a movie about the making of Facebook. While it it sure to be riveting, word on the street is that a lot of it will only “loosely” be based on any true events. The story of one of the youngest self-made billionaires ever and the creator of a world-wide phenomenon is nothing to sneeze at, but I haven’t met anyone as of yet who’s planning to camp out for a midnight release.  I mean, I enjoy hours of coding as much as anyone, but I’m more likely to spend two hours surfing Facebook than watching Facebook the Movie.

But what are we totally excited to spread the word about this week? The trailer for the OTHER social paradigm of our generation. A few guys called Indy Mogul created a hilarious spoof trailer for Twitter’s movie, called ‘The Twit Network.” Aptly self-described in the ‘Rated Awesome’ series, it is definitely a good one. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you.

It’s self-deprecating but so true at the same time, and will probably only make you love the Tweet even more. (It kind of reminds me of the “Jersey Shore” – such a ridiculous show full of ridiculous characters and inane drama and idiotic situations that I can’t get enough of it!) It’s sometimes amazing how the most wide-spread, popular, effective and successful tools, and in this case a marketing phenomenon, can spur from the simplest, and perhaps yes pointless of ideas. The best ideas and often the simplest.

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