Think outside of the box! Or, uh, the business card?

OK, so yes it’s probably the oldest cliche in the book, but I just had to use it because it was too perfect here. How cool is this business card? Now this is the type of innovative thinking that excites us.

Seriously, who’s going to be handed this business card and NOT be absolutely compelled to start a conversation about it? Most people have the wrong idea about business cards. They use them as an after thought instead of a real marketing tool. Your business card can be so much more! Use it as a billboard to build your brand; to reinforce your philosophy. Make it work for you. And yes, get creative!

Ridiculous and unchecked creativity is obviously not appropriate for every industry, but for a cargo shipping company, it definitely works. The origami-inspired leave-behind shows creativity and thought, yet isn’t too flashy. It seems professional but stands out at the same time. It’s appropriate yet unexpected. This Brazilian creative agency, Y&R,  deserves some props.

The creativity is great, but what’s the catch? It’s just not practical. Hey, we have some clients who worry about the cost of printing color on both sides of letterhead, let alone paying for collateral of this complexity. Printing 1,000 of these specialized business cards is not exactly cheap. If you’re worried about cost, you might want to treat this piece like your good china – only use it on special occasions.

We certainly appreciate great ideas, but smart marketing is about knowing how to use creativity in the real world. Have you seen any cool marketing ideas out there that just blow away the status quo? Share them with us!

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