Bet you can’t watch this Axe ad just once

If you haven’t seen the new Axe international ad, you really should. Actually, you should watch it at least twice. You’re probably going to miss a few things the first time. And that’s the point.

Why do we love the Axe ads so much? Well, the shirtless men are pretty easy to look at. But that’s besides the point. Their ads are just so darn entertaining. They speak to the general obliviousness of the young male population and their sometimes apathetic attempts at impressing girls, but nevertheless persistent pursuit of the opposite sex. Axe Rise Up gel promises to wake you up so that you never miss an opportunity. If we know what they mean ;)

Buzzman was the creative agency that found a fun and really clever way to illustrate it. Perhaps a little friendly competition between Old Spice and Axe has sparked the creativity lately (we also can’t get enough of the Old Spice guy on a horse).

If you liked those magic eye books as a kid, you’ll love Axe’s new creative piece. Without a spoiler alert, all we’ll say is to watch the guy closely until the end…

Text translation:

  • Look closely at this guy
  • He didn’t notice the 10 beautiful girls around him. Apparently neither did you.
  • Wake up and get ready.
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