The logo your logo could look like

Grab a business card with your company’s logo. Look down at it. Now back up at our logo. Back down at your logo. Back up at our logo. Back down at your logo. Sadly, your logo isn’t our logo. But if you know the power of an effective logo, it can be just as memorable as our logo. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re on a boat, handing out your professional new business cards with a logo that your logo could look like. What’s in your hand? Back at me. It’s brand recognition that’s surpassing your marketing goals. Look again. It’s credibility, identity, brand image, a long-term impression. Anything is possible when your logo looks professionally designed and not like clip art. We’re on a blog.

Persuasive, right? OK, so still not convinced that a professionally designed logo could set your company miles ahead of the competition? Think about how many times you’ve met a potential contact and offered over your business card. It’s the simplest piece of collateral for your company; the little thing that holds the big job of representing your business when you’re not there to swoon the crowd.

Facing the world with a sloppy logo is like leaving the house with messy hair. It shows you didn’t put in any effort. It says you don’t really care that much. If your logo doesn’t look professional, your company doesn’t look professional. Now look down at your logo. Now back at me. How’s your hair?

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