Has the whole world gone social?

Social Media Bandwagon

Every one is doing it!

Going social, that is. Well, nearly everyone – 91% of marketers are now integrating social media platforms  into their marketing campaigns, according to the Social Media Examiner’s “2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report”.

Most are first-timers though. The study found that 65% of the users have only been playing in the social sphere for a few months. Just under a third of marketers are experts in the web-room, with a few years’ experience using social media.

Mom always told you not to follow along just because the other kids were doing it; but this time they’re definitely on to something here.

We’ve been talking about the paradigm shift in consumer trust for a while now – the idea that consumers don’t want to be MARKETED AT, but rather TALKED TO, and that they trust the recommendations of their peers over the marketing messages from companies. Social media platforms offer such a beautiful way to enter the conversation. Nearly all marketers have finally jumped on the social marketing train that takes us away from the linear model of one-way communication. (Effective) marketing has become a conversational art form. And what’s more social than a conversation?

What’s normal?

Wondering how your social skills stack up to the norm? The report found that just over half of marketers spend at least six hours a week managing their social statuses. The over-achievers, or “super-users,” were getting social for more than 20 hours a week.

But if you’re still just dabbling in the social arts, you’re not alone. The average social media marketing beginner only spends about an hour each week managing his or her account. The committed and experienced users clock in around 10 hours per week.

About the Survey: Social Media Examiner surveyed 1,898 respondents, of which 98% were business owners or employees, 1% were students and 1% unemployed.

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