All Email Campaigns Are Not Created Equal

E-mail. How can you make this unique marketing tool effective?

Pop Quiz: The most effective weapon in your email marketing arsenal is _______________? The answer is at the end of this article.

Why is it that people have this idea that “all new age marketing is created equal?” I had a client tell me she wants to do an email campaign to potential clients. I asked her why. The conversation we had sounded something like this:

Me: Why do you want to do an email campaign?

Her: Because it will help me gain new clients.

Me: How will it do that?

Her: I will send them updates about my business and offer special pricing. It has to work, I get these emails all the time so it must be effective.

The following remark stopped her thinking in her tracks, like a downhill skier after finishing off his run.

Me: And how many of these emails have you responded to or have taken some sort of action with?

Her: [An extended silence…] Well, not many… ok maybe one or two.

This is a great example of my title for this article. Do you remember what it was? That’s right: “Not all emails are created equal.”

Experts say that an email has to be nurtured, not exploited. Imagine your email campaign as if you were creating an Oscar-winning movie. A good movie will keep you in suspense, wanting more, begging for the grand finale. A good email campaign needs the same kind of approach, especially if you are selling a service rather than a product.

Lets look at it this way, what components do you need to make a great movie? You need an interesting plot, an attention-holding storyline, a twist, surprises, and a cast of actors that can bring the vision to life. Oh, and how can we forget about the director? Someone has to orchestrate this Oscar-worthy collaboration. And cut!

An email needs the same attention. There are no one-hit wonders out there, that’s why it’s called a campaign, and that’s why it’s on-going. So what steps should you take in paving your well executed campaign path to Hollywood Boulevard? Here is how you begin to create an email blockbuster.

1.      Start with the end in mind – write out what results you expect to see from your campaign.

a.       Visitors to your site

b.       Phone calls

c.       Inquiries through email

d.      More sales

e.        Meetings

2.      Know who you are sending these emails to – make sure that your email list is worth your time. If you have a variety of people on this list, make sure that you want everyone on it receiving your emails.

Tip: You can separate emails by categories to target specific parties and generate a better response

3.      Keep your emails short, but interesting. Use pictures and design to grab readers’ attention. Unless you sell a product, DO NOT SELL ANYTHING THROUGH YOUR EMAIL!!!

4.      Keep them guessing – add trivia, industry jokes, fun facts, educational blurbs, links to websites that can help your potential client.

5.      Don’t use empty words — just like a poem or a brilliant script, every line has its place. Each word should hold a meaning and a purpose. This isn’t the place for fluff.

6.       Give free advice – don’t give away the cow, but let them taste the fresh milk you’re making.

7.      Have a call to action – always include some kind of call to action. This is very important because it’s a good test of whether your words are working or failing.

Tip: There are many ways to ask for action. Get creative and interactive with how you request your feedback.

I hope this helps you on your star-studded road trip to email success. Remember, be patient, watch the signs your “suspects” are showing you, create interest first and then suspense, and enjoy the game of marketing.

Answer: The most effective weapon in your email marketing arsenal is a micro site. Take 30 seconds and lets talk. Go to our branding micro site to get the ball rolling. 

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