Stop Being Reactive and Start Being Proactive.

In 2009 we were all reactive, right? We waited for something to happen, poised and ready to react to whatever came along. We saw many giants fall, many jobs get cut and little money get spent.

What happens when a huge tree falls in the forest? Well, a couple of things happen; it may take down or damage a few of the big trees that surround it on its tumble to the ground. However, it definitely creates an opening for sunlight to shine down on the smaller trees. The strongest, best prepared sapling now has the opportunity to grow into the mighty tree that once stood there. Usually more than one shrub benefits from a fallen shadow-caster.

What can you take from the example of the fallen tree? Was your business in the shadow of a larger competitor? Has one of your competitors shown obvious signs of trouble? If your competition is falling behind, this is your chance to move in on the untapped potential and its leftovers.

This year it is your duty to get your company name in front of as many prospects as possible. In 2010, the small to midsize companies have a chance to feed more hungry prospects than ever before. These starving clients have seen their current providers fail in 2009. Fail to communicate, fail to produce and fail to prepare for rough times. How can you get your name, product or service into starving prospects’ eyesight?

If you are reading this, then you may be that sapling with the warm bright sunlight shining on you. It’s your will and determination to thrive that will help you reach for those sun rays and stand out above the others fighting for their chance. The list below will keep your budding branches a few steps ahead of the rest.

Top Ten things to do in 2010:

  1. Email Campaign – Make sure you can track results. Have a professional help you create an effective campaign. Create multiple campaigns: sales driven, information driven, discount driven and interaction driven.
  2. Micro Sites – This is one of the best tools for 2010. Create a micro site for specific campaigns and make sure to have a lead generator feature on this site. This has been a secret weapon of larger organizations. Great for tracking results of your campaign.
  3. Revamp your brand image – Have professional collateral material designed and printed in 2010. Invest in your image.
  4. Professional ads – NO MORE IN-HOUSE ADS! Get a professional to design an ad for you that will result in new business and greater return on investment (ROI).
  5. Go digital – Make an effort to create a digital presentation that can act as a sales person, a customer service rep or an information tool. These can be cost efficient in the long run and will prove to be money well invested.
  6. Go Mobile – You can do it. Create a smart phone app for your company.
  7. Social Media – Don’t just be on it, utilize it.  Tip: Great with micro sites
  8. Online Viral Marketing – If your business is online, or you have a service that can affect the masses then this is a must in 2010. With an effective viral campaign you can attract millions of new visitors to your website and business.
  9. Get Creative – Push the envelope in 2010. Make up something that will make people remember your company. Get crazy, take risks and have fun with it. Remember, good press is awesome and bad press is good.
  10. Professionals for profits – It may make sense to talk to a creative firm and find out if there is something they can help you with. You will find that good help is priceless.
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